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Episode 3: Carrie Culberson Case
Contact: Brown County Sheriff's Office
Phone: 1-937-378-4435

Episode 5: Kathryn Mary Herbert Case
Contact: Unsolved Homicide Unit (Staff Sergeant Bruce Hulan)
Phone: 1-604-543-4929

Episode 6: Tony Allen Case
Contact: Fort Smith Police Department (Sergeant. Adam Holland)
Phone #1: Sgt. Holland's direct line is 479-709-5129
Phone #2: Fort Smith Police Department Main Number: 479-785-4221
Phone #3: Toll Free Hotline: 1-800-THE-LOST

Episode 7: The Missing Women of Vancouver
Contact #1: Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Inspector Don Adams) & Vancouver Police Dept. (Joint Missing Women Task Force)
Phone: 1-877-687-3377

Contact #2: Wayne Leng
Website: or

Contact #3: Media Relations
Phone: 1-604-264-2929

Episode 10: Leoma Patterson Case
Contact #1: Todd Matthews
Phone: 1-931-397-3893

Contact #2: Lindy Simmons (Attorney)
Phone: 1-931-823-8487

Episode 11: Sandra Sollie Case
Contact #1: NY State Police (Either at the Canandaigua barracks or Farmington barracks)
Phone: 1-585-398-3200
NCIC # M-997537246

Contact #2: Richard C. Ingrham (Private Investigator)
Phone: 1-585-771-7085

Episode 14: April Beth Pitzer Case
Contact: Detective Penningtons
Phone: 1-909-387-3587
NCIC #  M-314239727

Episode 18: Bo Upton and Ryan Shangraw Case
Contact #1: Stanford Police
Phone: 1-606-365-4525

Contact #2: Lincoln County Sheriff
Phone: 1-606-365-2696

Contact #3: Kentucky State Police / Richmond Post
Phone: 1-859-623-2404

Contact #4: Kentucky State Police / Headquarters
Phone: 1-800-222-5555

Episode 19: Billy Smolinski Jr. Case
Contact: New Haven Connecticut FBI
Phone: 1-203-777-6311
NCIC #  M-244309427

Episode 20: Anna Christian Waters Case
Contact #1: San Mateo County Sheriff's Office
Phone: 1-650-364-1811

Contact #2: Doug French
Phone: 1-916-370-2150

Episode 22: Jessica Edith Louise Foster Case
Contact #1: North Las Vegas City Police
Phone: 1-702-633-1773
NCIC # M-535642358

Contact #2: Glendene Grant
Phone: 1-250-374-6137

Episode 23: Patricia Viola Case
Contact:  Bogota Police Department (Detective Jim Sepp)
Phone: 1-201-487-2400
Case # 2001-23-18
NCIC# M341353827.

Episode 24: Brenda Szabo Case
Contact: San Diego Police Department
Phone: 1-619-531-2277
NCIC# M-955045485

Episode 25: Diana Harris Case
Contact: Monroe County Sheriff’s Department (Detective Mark Coleman)
Phone: 1-305-289-2410 

Episode 26: Audrey Lyn Nerenberg Case
Contact #1: Brooklyn NY Police Precinct (Detective Siegelakis)
Phone: 1-718-258-4400

Contact #2: NY Police Dept. Missing Persons Squad (Detective Ted Matterson)
Phone: 1-212-473-2042
NCIC # M-530917038

Contact #3: FBI Agent Tom MacDonlald
Phone: 1-212-384-3991

Episode 27: Brooke Henson Case
Contact #1: Travelers Rest Police Department (Investigator Clark Brazier)
Phone: 1-864-834-9029
NCIC# M-225744337

Contact #2: S.C. Law Enforcement Division (Agent J. Darrell Betsill)
Phone #1: 1-(803) 896-7010
Phone #2: 1-800-322-4453
Phone #3: 1-(803) 737-9000 (Nationwide)

Episode 28: Theresa Allore Case
Contact: John Allore

Episode 29: Patty Vaughan Case
Contact: Texas Department of Public Safety
Phone: 1-800-346-3243

Episode 30: Hope Danielle Meek Case
Contact #1: Valliant Police Department
Phone: 1-580-933-4555

Contact #2: OSBI
Phone: 1-800-522-8017

Episode 31: Belinda Cartwright Case
Contact #1: DA of Lowndes County (David Ferrell)
Phone #1: 1-229-244-7170

Contact #2: Missing Pieces (Todd and/or Kimberly)
Missing Pieces will be sure to forward all information to the family of Belinda Cartwright.
Family has taken over investigation of their sister's death.
Phone: (Todd Matthews) 931-397-3893
Email #1: Todd:
Email #2: Kimberly: (

Episode 32: Jennifer and Adrianna Wix Case
Contact: Robertson County Sheriff's Dept (Lieutenant Don Bennett)
Phone: 1-615-384-7971
NCIC # M-103965019  (Jennifer Wix)

Episode 33: Michaela Joy Garecht Case
Contact: Toll Free Number

Episode 35: Lisa K. Gaudenzi Case
Contact: Viginia State Police (Special Agent James R. Lyons)
Email: James.Lyons@VSP.Virginia.Gov
NCIC # M-806169879

Episode 36: Kent Jacobs, Maura Murray or April Beth Pitzer Cases
Kent Jacobs
Contact #1: The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office
Phone: 1-910-323-1500
NCIC # M-652247561

Contact #2: Crimstoppers
Phone: 1-910-483-TIPS or 1-910-483-8477

Maura Murray Case
Contact: New Hampshire State Police, Major Crimes Unit (Leutenant Russ Conte)
Phone: 1-603-271-2663
NCIC # M-883793945

April Beth Pitzer
Contact: Detective Penningtons
Phone: 1-909-387-3587
NCIC #  M-314239727

For any of the three cases featured on Episode 36:
Contact : Let's Bring Them Home
Phone: 1-866-479-LBTH  or 1-866-479-5284

Episode 37: Branson Kayne Perry Case
Contact #1: Missouri Highway Patrol (Sergant David Merrill)
Phone: 1-816-387-2345

Contact #2: Nodaway County Sheriff's Office (Sheriff Ben Espey)
Phone: 1-660-582-7451
NCIC # M-061492631

Contact #3: Guarding Angels Of America

Episode 38: Kaitlyn Arquette Case
Contact: Lois Duncan Arquette (Mother requests she be contacted with information directly)

Episode 39: Boulder Jane Doe Case
Contact: Boulder Jane Doe (Silvia Pettem)

Episode 40: Tina and Bethany Sinclair Case
Contact: Gil Alba and Associates (with anonymous tips)
Email:  or
NCIC # M-801383137 (Tina Sinclair)

Episode 42: Ahren Benjamin Barnard Case
Contact: Sgt. Barnett
Phone: 1-208-373-5401
NCIC # M-494546087

Episode 43: Jennifer Kesse Case
Contact: Orlando Police Department
Phone #1: 1-321-235-5300
Phone #2: 1-407-722-2162 (Family Tip Line)
NCIC # M-95548802

Episode 44: Robert Lee Ashworth II Case
Contact: Bartow County Sheriff's Office
Phone: 1-770-382-5050

Episode 45: Clinton Nelson Case
Contact: Bossier Sheriff's Office
Phone: 1-318-965-2203
NCIC #  M-806033540

Episode 47: Melanie Metheny Case
Contact: Kanawha County Sheriff's Office (Detective Lane or Detective Ferrell)
Phone #1: 1-304-539-2532
Phone #2: 1-304-552-5811

Episode 48: Barbara Winn Case
Contact:  Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office (Commander Bill Snyder)
Phone: 1-651-266-9582

Episode 49: The Truck Stop Killer (Bruce Mendenhall)
Contact:  Todd Matthews, Host of Missing Pieces
Phone: 1-931-397-3893
Or you may use the anonymous tip form provided below.

Episode 50: Nun Roberta "Robin" Elam, Anna Bouslog Davis
and/or Annita Maria Price Cases
Contact:  West Virginia State Police Moundsville Cold Cases Unit (Sergeant Danny Swiger)
Phone: 1-304-329-1101

Episode 51: Catherine Martin seeking information on half brother
and/or paternal grandfather.
Contact: Missing Pieces (Todd and/or Kimberly)
Missing Pieces will forward all information received directly to Cahterine Martin.
Phone: (Todd Matthews) 1-931-397-3893
Email #1: Todd:
Email #2: Kimberly: (

Episode 52: Jason Dale Bolton Case
Contact: Nancy with Angelbound

Episode 53: Heather Teague Case
Contact #1:  Kentucky State Police
Phone: 1-800-222-5555

Contact #2: Sarah Teague (Mother)
Phone: 1-270-824-8343

Episode 54: Wayne L Walker Case
Contact: Metropolitian Police Department (Detective Ralph Durant)
Phone #1: 1-202-727-6061 (Detective Durant)
Phone #2: 1-202-727-9099 (SOCC Phone)
Website: Metropolitian Police Department Website

Episode 55: Lisa Michelle Hatchell Case
Contact: Philadelphia Police Department
Phone #1: 1-215-685-3258
Phone #2: 1-215-685-3257
NCIC # M-415142107

Episode 56: Mandi Alexander and Mary Drake Cases
Contact: Kansas Bureau of Investigation
Phone: 1-800-572-7463
Email Form:

Episode 57:  Mary Michelle Sprague Case
Contact: Daytona Beach Police Department 
Phone: 1-386-671-5102

Episode 58:  Elizabeath A. Campbell Case
Contact: Copperas Cove Police Department (Leutenant Daniel Austin)
Phone: 1-254-547-1357
NCIC # M-298182179

Episode 61:  Jon R. Van Dyke Case
Contact: Family request to be contacted directly (Wife: Maureen A. Reintjes)
Email #1:
Email #2:

Episode 62:  All Jane Doe Cases Featured
Contact: Please use tip form below

Episode 63:  Angie Yarnell Case
Contact #1: Morgan County Sheriff's Office
Phone: 1-573-378-5481

Contact #2: Angie Family Directly

Episode 64: Brian Randall Shaffer Case
Contact: Crime Stoppers
Phone #1: 1-614-645-TIPS (8477)
Phone #2: 1-877-645-8477  (Toll Free Number)
Investigative Case # M0508008
NCIC # M-965615308

Episode 67: Stephen Lankester Cox Case
Contact: Cherokee County Sheriff's Office
Phone: 1-678-493-4166
NCIC # M-484512056

Episode 68: Roy Loren Stephens Case
Contact: Lane County Sheriff's Office
Phone: 1-541-682-4167
NCIC # M-885781947

Episode 70: Christopher Michael Pierce Case
Contact: Bossier City Police Department
Phone: 1-318-741-8683
Investigative Case # 1-03-008600
NCIC # M-813257151

Episode 71: Luther Gerald (Jerry) Parks Case
Contact: Jerri Denise Parks Hickman (Daughter)
Website Contact Form:

Episode 72: Randall Whitfield, Elmer Thrasher and Joette Thrasher Cases
Contact: Haleyville Police Department
Phone:  1-205-486-5201
Investigative Case #  012302079
NCIC #  M-312101570

Episode 73: Carlos Diaz Case
Contact: 44 PCT Investigator
Phone: 1-718-590-5511

Episode 74: Samantha Bonnell Case
Contact: Mary Weir (Mother)

Episode 76: Raymond Paul Thomas Case
Contact: Use Form Below

Episode 77: Jasmine Haslag Case
Contact #1:  Cole County Sheriff's Dept
Phone: 1-573-634-9160

Contact #2: Callaway County Sheriff's Office
Phone: 1-573-642-7291

Contact #3: Crimestoppers
Phone: 1-573-659-8477

Contact #4: Missouri's Missing

Episode 78: Eric Reeves Case
Contact: the Barton County Sheriff's Office
Phone: 1-620-793-1876

Episode 79: Jessica Edith Louise Foster Case
Contact #1: North Las Vegas City Police
Phone: 1-702-633-1773
NCIC # M-535642358

Contact #2: Glendene Grant
Phone: 1-250-374-6137

Episode 80: Walter Cropper and Christoph Zahn Cases
Contact: Georgia Bureau of Investigations
Phone: 1-800-597-TIPS

Episode 81: Barbara Thompson Case
Contact: Use Form Below

Episode 82: Leoma Patterson Case
Contact #1: Todd Matthews
Phone: 1-931-397-3893

Contact #2: Lindy Simmons (Attorney)
Phone: 1-931-823-8487

Episode 83: Georgia Darlene Nolan and WV Jane Doe Cases:
Georgia Darlene Nolan Case
Contact #1: Kentucky Intelligence & Missing Persons (Tim Hensley)
Phone: 1-502 564-1020
Agency Case # 10841172
NCIC: M-125607520

Contact #2: Kentucky State Police
Phone: 1-606-573-3131

West Virginia Jane Doe:
Contact: Medical Examiner’s Office, Western District
Phone: 1-540-561-6615

Episode 84: Gilbert Paul Caravallo Case
Contact #1: Honolulu Police Department (Detective Phil Camero)
Phone: 1-808-529-3394

Contact #2: Honolulu Police Department (Detective Jill Kaui)
Phone: 1-808-529-3852

Contact #3: Crime Stoppers (Detective Letha DeCaires)
Phone: 1-808-529-3950

Contact #4: Gilbert's Family (Janey Lee Caravallo)

Episode 85: John James Morris Jr. Case
Contact #1: Montgomery County Police Department
Phone #1: 1-301-840-2407
Phone #2: 1-301-840-2347
Investigative Case #: G07047238

Episode 86:  William Ray Peters and Tommie Ray Wheaton-Staley Cases
Contact: Pleaes use tip form below

Episode 87:  Deborah Leigh Key Case
Contact: Friends Of Debbie Key

Episode 88: John Matthew Thrasher Case
Contact #1: Overton County Sheriff's Office (Sheriff W.B. Melton)
Phone: 1-931-823-5635

Contact #2: Contact Family Directly: Brenda Thrasher (Mother) or Eddie Thrasher (Brother)
Phone: 1-931-261-7429
NCIC # M-754226774

Episode 89: All Cases Featured In This Episode
Contact: Pleaes use tip form below

Episode 90: Paul Ryan Surrency Case
Contact: Plant City Police Department (Detective Jay Best)
Phone: 1-813-757-9200 ext. 2228
Case # 0803-2456

Episode 91: Arkadiy "Ark" Tashman Case
Contact: New York Police Department's Missing Persons Squad
Phone #1: 1-212-473-2042
Phone #2: 1-800-346-3543

Episode 92: Karen Schepers Case
Contact: Elgin Police Department (Detective Brian Gorcowski)
Phone: 1-847-289-2700
Agency Case Number # 83-04-0814
NCIC Number # M-106601390

Episode 93: Gary Weaver Case
Contact #1: Coral Springs Police Department
Phone: 1-954-346-1295
Agency Case # 83-23227

Contact #2: Royal Bahamas Police Force
Phone: 1-242-502-9991

Episode 94: 1969 Harlan County Kentucky Jane Doe
Contact:  Todd Matthews, Host of Missing Pieces
Phone: 1-931-397-3893
Or you may use the anonymous tip form provided below.

Episode 96: 1977 Snohomish County Washington Jane Doe Case
Contact #1: Snohomish County Sheriff's Office
Phone: 1-425-388-3845

Agency Case # 77-17073
NCIC #  U-579855433

Episode 101: Betsy Aardsma Case
Contact #1: Rockview State Police Barracks (Trooper Kent Bernier)
Phone: 1-814-355-7545
Agency Case # 9253265

Contact #2: Centre County Crime Stoppers
Phone: 1-877-99-CRIME

Contact #3: Friends Of Debbie Key

Episode 103: New Jersey 1994 Jane Doe Case
Contact: New Jersey State Police
Phone: 1-800-709-7090

Episode 104: Billy Smolinski Jr. Case
Contact: New Haven Connecticut FBI
Phone: 1-203-777-6311
NCIC #  M-244309427

Episode 106: Lawrence Scott Wikso Case
Contact: Crime Stoppers of Palm Beach County
Phone:  1-800-458-TIPS (8477)


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