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Jasmine's car was found abandoned on 6-20-07 in the opposite direction she was suppose to be heading. It was abandoned off of highway 94 & PP, Russelville, Missouri; in a field out of the sight of the road. The license plate and the battery were removed. Her boyfriend was arrested on the 19th in the same area, in a stolen truck and in possession of meth amphetamene and a illegal pistol.

Jasmine called and spoke to her children on Sunday the 17th to make arrangements to pick them up on Monday the 18th. She has not been heard from since.

Her boyfriend said at first that she had left from Russellville to pick up her children. Then he said she had dropped him off at Jefferson City Wal-Mart to catch up with his brother. Later he said Jasmine was being held against her will, by whom he will not say. He is being held in the Cole County jail, Jefferson City, Missouri; on drug charges. The media in this area has not been helpful and I feel that I need to keep others aware that Jasmine is still missing, perhaps someone will remember something out of the ordinary around her disappearance date that could be a missing link or lead us right to her. Foul play is suspected in Jasmine's case.

Vital Statistics
Date Missing - June 17, 2007
Missing From - Russellville, Missouri
Birthdate:  July 19, 1975
Hair Color:  Brown or possibly blonde.
Eye Color:  Hazel
Height:  5' 9"
Weight:  120 Lbs.
Identifying Marks:  Pierced ears, missing molars, burn scars on insides of both forearms, previously broken forearm.

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A Nameless Funeral

TMOKANE, MO - A woman's body turned up in a shallow grave near Mokane on Monday. On Thursday, Jane Doe was laid to rest.  Morning rains didn't mask the grief in Mokane Thursday. Just a few small drops hit the ground, like the tears from mourners eyes.

"We want to stand up for her and see her through this."

Jane's last name is Doe, at least for now. Whoever knows who she really is doesn't know she's here yet.

"Now she's joined our family," said Peggy Florence, Jasmine Haslag's mother. "Her family is now our family. There's a whole bunch of people that have missing loved ones, and we're all connected even though we don't know one another."

Florence is Jasmine Haslag's mother. Haslag went missing nearly a year ago. So, her mother organized this memorial for Jane Doe. Hoping another mother would do the same for her daughter.

"I was ecstatic," said Florence. "I thought we had found Jasmine. But it didn't turn out that it was Jasmine. It was like God gave me something to go on for."

Sent off on a prayer that someone somewhere will give Jane Doe back her name, now that her memory is laid rest.

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Grassroots group seeks
to build awareness of missing persons

By Ra'Vae Edwards
News Tribune

Two Mid-Missouri women who share a common bond - both have daughters who are missing - have formed an organization to help others in situations similar to theirs.

Missouri Missing still is in its beginning stages, but Peggy Florence and Marianne Asher-Chapman (Episode 63 Guest)  say they are dedicated to creating awareness about missing person's cases.

Since Florence's daughter, Jasmine Haslag, disappeared, she's worked with Chapman to build an organization geared to help families in a multitude of ways.

"One of the main things I want this organization to do is to provide support for those who are going through this," Florence said. "Before Jasmine went missing, I never thought about missing persons or how serious it is. And I think that is true with a lot of people. Unless it happens to you, you don't think about it."

Creating awareness and providing education about missing persons in Missouri are key to helping solve many of the cases, Chapman said.

"We need to create awareness as to the extent of the seriousness of missing persons," Chapman said. "The first 24 to 48 hours after a person goes missing is very crucial.

"But if that person is an adult, we make the assumption they have just left, and that isn't always the case. Each case should be dealt with individually, based on that person's history."

Chapman's daughter, Michelle "Angie" Yarnell, has been missing since Oct. 25, 2003. Since her disappearance, Chapman has made appearances on the Montel Williams Show and her daughter's case has been mentioned on several nationally syndicated shows.

"Each missing-persons case should be dealt with as serious as possible," Florence said. "We know that there have been a lot of adults who go missing and then return after they were just in hiding because they were mad or whatever, but not every case is like that.

"If you look at the statistics right now, there are more than 800 persons in Missouri who are missing. Those people are someone's daughter, mother, brother, father, sister and in some cases, grandparents. Improvements need to be made, and that is one of the many things Missouri Missing will be working on."

Overnight results are not expected, Florence and Chapman agree, but it is not something either of them plan on giving up.

"I will never quit looking for my daughter," Chapman said. "And I feel very strongly about this organization. I don't want to see other people go through what we have been through and if there is anything we can do to help, we certainly will."

Chapman and Florence are scheduled to meet with state legislators and members of the Missouri Highway Patrol on Tuesday at the Capitol to discuss changes in legislation.

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Guest: Peggy Florence
Mother of missing "Jasmine Sue Haslag"
Date to be announced
The Search For Missing Jasmine Haslag