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(Introduction to show begins)

Todd Matthews (Missing Pieces Host): “Welcome to missing pieces.  Tonight we have Glendene Grant, her daughter, Jessica Louise Foster, now 22 years old, went missing in Las Vegas in May 2005.  Welcome Glendene.”

Glendene Grant(Guest): “Well, uh, thank you.  Thank you very much.

Todd Matthews: “It’s been a long time coming.  We’ve talked since October, I think of 2006.”

Glendene Grant: “Thank is correct.  We have and I have been looking forward to this for, ever since then.”

Todd Matthews: “Me as well.  We have so many people that were trying to work into this spot and tried to interview as many people as possible and give them an opportunity to speak, because so many times in the media, I found that you really don’t have enough time to talk, or are locked into a certain situation where you’re speaking of a certain percentage of the case and you know, we’re hoping to give you an entire hour where we can to wherever you want to go with this case, and maybe bet off your chest something you’d like to talk about of a certain case.  I got a letter from you dated Oct. 8, 2006.  ‘My name is Glendene Grant, I recently received an email from a friend of yours named Lauren Hallack, whom I now consider a friend.  She gave me your email address so I could send you my story about my daughter.’  And your daughter is Jessica.  Now, you’re in Canada.  What part of Canada do you live in?”

Glendene Grant: “I’m in western Canada, in Kamloops, BC.”

Todd Matthews: “OK, and your daughter, this is also where she’s from?”

Glendene Grant: “That’s correct.”

Todd Matthews: “OK.”

Glendene Grant: “She was raised here.  Well, she lived here from the time she was 3, when we moved back to Kamloops.”

Todd Matthews: (~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~) “Um-hum.”

Glendene Grant: “Until she was 16 and she wanted to go live with her day to complete grades 11 & 12 of high school.  And he lives in Calgary, AB, the next province over. 

Todd Matthews: “OK.  This is May 2006?”

Glendene Grant: “It was actually March 2006, she went missing.”

Todd Matthews: “OK.”

Glendene Grant: “Her birthday’s in May and she turned 22.”

Todd Matthews: “She turned 22…OK.  So she actually was in United States to celebrate her 21st birthday.”

Glendene Grant: “That’s right.”

Todd Matthews: “And she came to Las Vegas, a lot of people do that.”

Glendene Grant: “Uh hum.”

Todd Matthews: “OK, so this is where she went missing from.  I wanna tell you guys a little bit of something about Las Vegas, now…Nevada, um.  There are 60+ bodies listed in Nevada as unidentified, but we know there’s more than that.  Ah, it’s just a lot of them have not got recorded into the FBI NC – not as many as there should be and we’re trying to work on resolving that, um – we’re working with, of course, my colleagues with the DOE Network and other organizations, we’re hoping that, uh, we can change that.  Uh, it’s a big city; you know there’s a lot of things going on there.  And you’ve recently took a trip there.”

Glendene Grant: “I did.  I took my 2nd trip down to Las Vegas since Jessie went missing.  I met with Jessie’s father in Las Vegas in the middle of January.”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “And we spent about 10 days down there, and you know talking with the police, and Crime Stoppers and our Private Investigator.  Seeing people, going to casinos and we handed out about 300+ posters and probably about 150 or so little cards that I printed out with our websites on it, and talked to as many people as possible.”

Todd Matthews: “How were the people there?  Where they receptive?  Where they interested?”

Glendene Grant: “Yes, for the most part, they were.”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “And, um, there would be the odd person that I thought they probably just thought we were like the other people handing out cards down there, but once they listen, most of them would stop.”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “And they would, um, listen to our story.  Some would ask questions and take our posters back home where ever they were from.”

Todd Matthews: “Wow, did you…did you meet a lot of people?  And we try to do this show sort of as a relaxed conversation just where nobody feels a lot of pressure, and you get a lot of information out there.  Did you meet a lot of people from other parts of the country?”

Glendene Grant: “Yes, from all over the United States & other countries.”

Todd Matthews: “And from Canada, I’m sure.”

Glendene Grant:“Canada and from England and we met people from everywhere.”

Todd Matthews: “Well you know Las Vegas is sort of like, you know, New York and LA.  It’s a melting pot and there’s a lot of people from a lot of different areas there.  A lot of, um, cross travel and you know that concerns me.  In an area where somebody goes missing from an area like that, you have to wonder, are they even still in the United States?”

Glendene Grant: “Exactly, we…we don’t have a clue if Jessie is still in Las Vegas or even Nevada, even in the United States or any where else.  She could be in another country for all we know of.

Todd Matthews: “That’s a huge jumping off point, you know there’s these major cities where a lot of people are.  That’s a big jumping off point.  I have to ask you, and I never mean to ask anything that sounds hurtful, I’m trying to get the information out as much as possible.  Do you feel that Jessie’s still alive?”

Glendene Grant:“I feel Jessie’s alive with my whole heart!”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “I have been told, even by the Las, North Las Vegas police that even the mother’s instinct is very strong, and…”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “He told me that they have, um, sometimes the mother’s instinct have proven the police wrong and I, my heart beats strong for Jessie, I have never felt she is gone.  I just feel she needs to be found and needs to be rescued, is what I feel.”

Todd Matthews: “What do you think the problem might be with her?  Do you feel this is of her own free will?”

Glendene Grant: “No, I actually don’t.  I believe that Jessie may be a victim of human trafficking. And the, uh, there’s a lot of signs that seem to point to that, that might be what happened.  She was trying to leave Las Vegas and come back to Canada.

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “We know for a fact this is what she was doing.  She had made plans with her older sister to come to BC, then go to Alberta for their step-sister’s wedding.”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant:“And after Jessie disappeared, I opened her mail that had come to our house and because Jessie’s car is parked in our backyard, her…she has, um, paid for insurance from March to April 2005.  (Correction: Glendene should have said 2006.)

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “And the sticker came to our address because Jessie was firmly planning on coming here, and if not just because she told us, that to me proves she was planning on coming here.  Cause she spent over $200 for this car insurance for that month.”

Todd Matthews:“Well, that sounds like she had intentions on being around for a while.”

Glendene Grant:“That’s right, she certainly did.  And, um, when, uh, when she stopped Peter…when we lost contact with her, she was supposed to talk to her sister the very next day after their last conversation, and she, my older daughter, Crystal tried for several days and she said to me ‘Mom, I can’t get a hold of Jessie.  I left her messages and she is not phoning me back’.  And the next day, my 3rd oldest, I have 4 daughters, and my 3rd oldest daughter…”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant:“Said, Katie, she said to me, ‘Mom, I’ve been trying to get a hold of Jessie for a few days, and I can’t reach her.’  So I’m thinking, well, Jessie always contacted somebody on a daily, practically daily basis.”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “If it wasn’t me, it was a sister, or it was her father, or it was friends, but we knew she was always in contact with somebody.  So, when both of her older and younger sister were trying to reach her and she’s not returning phone calls, I started phoning her and I started emailing her, and then, um, one day her voicemail just filled up and her voicemail had never filled up.  So I started thinking, well maybe, you know, as soon as her voicemail empties at least I’ll know that she’s, you know, she’s there.  A few days later, there was, you know, room in her voicemail to leave a message so I thought that meant she was there, and when I called back again, it was full, and I contacted our phone company and they said that her voicemail actually only held 5 voicemail.”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “And then it would delete the next day, so automatically it would delete.  So I was, then…then my hopes went back down again.  I thought that she’s not answering her messages, her messages are just deleting.”

Todd Matthews: “Do you have any access to her voicemail?”

Glendene Grant: “Her phone is actually not even turned on.  We didn’t have access to it, no.  We still keep paying her phone bill. We want her phone to be available to her if she has a chance, but it just goes straight to voicemail.  It just doesn’t even ring and so we know it is not turned on, wherever it is.”

Todd Matthews: “But there’s potentially, there maybe getting an important message, if you were able to check her messages.  Some type of tip.”

Glendene Grant: “There may be any type of court order that could possibly help in a situation like this, because obviously if you could check her voicemail, you know, there could be one that might come in still today.  You know, maybe not in the past, but something tomorrow.

Todd Matthews: “Any type of court order that could possible help in a situation like this, because obviously if you could check her voicemail, you know, there could be one that might come in still today.  You know, maybe not in the past, but something tomorrow.”

Glendene Grant: “An opportunity if we did.  We tried to get the information, and even though , with Jessie being a missing person, the phone company still has certain laws that they have to abide by, and they aren’t able to give us that information.”

Todd Matthews: “Well, we’re here to help if at all possible.  We’re going to try to brainstorm during this, you know, during this recording as well and hopefully we can think of different ways but that would be what I would want if that was my son.  I would hope that some type of message might come in with somebody that had information that might try to call that number, because you just never know.  Somebody might try to check the voicemail.  Somebody that she’s with, and it could leave some type of clue.” 

Glendene Grant: “That’s right.  That’s, that’s a good possibility and I, I’ve never, I’ve never even thought about getting a court order, to tell you the truth, Todd.  And I’m glad you mentioned that, because definitely it will give me something I’m going to do.”

Todd Matthews: “And obviously we’re going to try to continue working with you.  We try to put the information in archives where people can listen to this audio and we’re hoping you can use it to refer people here if people ask you more detailed questions.  You can ask them just to listen to this recording, because I know you’re probably worn out.”

Glendene Grant: “Oh, I am, but you know, I don’t…I still talk to everybody I can about Jessie.  Even if I go to a grocery store, I’ll ask the cashier ‘have you heard about the girl who went missing in Las Vegas from town here?’  Most of the time people say, ‘yes, I have’.”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant:  “And I tell them, ‘that’s my daughter’ and I give them one of our little cards with our websites on.  Um, there are times that I walked out of a grocery store where the cashier is, unfortunately, left in tears.  Because…they are so touched and torn by what we’re going through.”

Todd Matthews: “But that’s important.  I mean a lot of people…do you realize what half the problem…what type of world you were going into?”

Glendene Grant: “No, not, not at all.”

Todd Matthews: “I mean, there’s a loving family in the world of the missing, and your welcome.  You know I’ve been in this, been involved in this for a long time now, and you know, you’re a lovely woman, from what I’ve read, you’re wonderful, you’re very nice and I know you’re working very hard, but this is a family that’s a very nice, close family that nobody wants to be here.”

Glendene Grant: “Exactly, we’re all here because we have no choice and we’re all, you know, we’re bound, and I have a very good friend of mine, Brenda, who’s been helping me, um, just stay strong, and she went to Las Vegas with me the first time and she’s my best friend and you know, we have decided that when we come to the end of our story and we have answers, we’re not going to stop searching for missing people.  We’re going to do whatever we can to help other people because of the help we’ve got.  We know now what we can do to pass it on.  When Jessie first went missing, we were standing there, we called the police, reported her missing and then we basically said, ‘now what do we do?’  And through emailing just people we know, who emailed people they know, who email people they know, we got a call from a gentleman who had a missing daughter.”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “Missing 2 years and um, when they did find her, uh, she actually had been murdered, and from this, from that day forward, he had been there to help, and he ended up with a copy of my email in his email box one day, that just came from someone I didn’t know at the time.  And the first thing he did was emailed us a list with every possible place that we could contact and try to get Jessie’s name out and picture out on different websites, he helped us build one of our websites, he’s just been a God Send, he’s done so much for us.  And we would not have known what to do and now when there is another family out there who is like us, who doesn’t know what to do, we want to be there and show them, this is what you can do.” 

Todd Matthews:“You can save years.  You can literally save years off their search.”

Glendene Grant: “Exactly, we were, we hadn’t a clue, we didn’t know where to start, and um, you know, now we’ve got Jessie on many missing sites, we’ve got her on the Doe Network, we’ve got her on National Center for Missing Adults, we’ve got her on HOTT Crimes, we got her now on Holly’s Fight for Justice, the Highway of Tears, Doors of Hope, I can’t even begin, I apologize for any that I’ve left out, cause there’s so many sites.  And people are starting MySpace websites and getting the other people signed up and send them to our websites that we’ve got set up and we can just see in the last, um, month, we can see our website hit counter has gone up from 7,000 to 5,000…from 5,000, no…let me get my numbers straight.  They went from 7,000 to 12,000.  We’ve got about 5,000 hits in the last couple of months.”

Todd Matthews: “Well, you’re doing the right thing.  Now, you’re taking some of the right steps.  And you just hope that these right steps, even though your doing the right thing, the result is you’re actually getting the information out there.  And that’s very important.  And you’ve come a long way, I must tell you, a lot of people have been in this a lot longer than you and haven’t gotten as near what you have.  But you’ve really done the right thing.  You’ve got a lot of exposure in this case.”

Glendene Grant: “Well, we have had…I’ve made this my full time job and top priority.  I, we’ve got Jessie on the Geraldo at Large show.”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “Her picture was even shown on the Maury Povich show on Missing Persons, but they didn’t do a whole segment on her, like Geraldo show did, but they showed her poster and gave the law enforcement information and phone number, and we’ve gotten a couple of calls from the Montel show, so we’re hoping that might be next.  And we’ve been trying to get the attention of CNN…”

Todd Matthews: “You know I have the same problem, uh, when I was working on the Tent Girl case.  It was the same.  I tried.  There wasn’t as many outlets back then, this was about mid-90ies – there just wasn’t so many outlets.  You know, I had so many rejection letters that were from American’s Most Wanted and Unsolved Mysteries, it just wasn’t something they could do and it just made you feel so hopeless.  I can’t believe…?”

Glendene Grant: “Larry King does a lot of shows, and Nancy Grace is a real advocate for missing people.  We’ve been trying to get the attention of the Nancy Grace show also, and American’s Most Wanted.  We’ve got postcards back from America’s Most Wanted and Montel and we’re still trying…we, we’re constantly sending things out all the time, from Dr. Phil, too…”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “I’ll tell you, it’s not, and I’m hoping it’s not just that I haven’t felt it yet, I hope I never feel, but I’ve never felt hopeless.”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “I feel that everyday, when I come home and I see another 40 emails in my email box and getting Jessie on new sites every week and seeing the new sites everywhere and seeing the counter, having fundraisers, talking to people, giving out posters every day. I feel that I’m inching closer to an ending.  And I’m fully aware that we may, it may take us years, I’m completely ready to do my fight for as long as it takes.  But the one thing I have not done, is had a sense of real hopelessness.”

Todd Matthews: “Hopeless?”

Glendene Grant: “Hopelessness comes in the form of the, um, the help we’re getting from the authorities.”

Todd Matthews: “You certainly aren’t powerless.” 

Glendene Grant: “No.”

Todd Matthews: “Now the sad thing about this case, or one of the sad things is you’re so far away.”

Glendene Grant: “The police, the police are saying, ‘well it’s sitting here and if we get any leads we’ll look into it.  The FBI are saying there’s nothing we can do about it, you know, those are where I feel hopeless, uh, but I don’t feel hopeless in what myself, my family, my friends, and my new acquaintances and friends that are helping us, I just don’t feel hopeless in that way.”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “Exactly.  Up here, in Canada…”     

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “We feel the Canadian cases don’t take the precedence because there is so many missing people and I know each city and each state wants to help the more local people, so I…”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “Completely understand that, but we still need to find every missing person.  I sometimes look at Jessie’s case as having a parallel in some ways to Natalie Hollaway.”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: "Where a beautiful young woman went to another country and disappeared.  And you’re fighting the fight from another country.  And I completely understand them, where Natalie’s family comes from, you know, their fight like…I see her mom on different shows and I just think…you know, that’s the same strength I’m going to have.  I’m going to keep going, I’m going to keep searching…and they can send me as many rejection letters that they want, that does not mean I’m going to stop…”

Todd Matthews: “Paper the wall with them.  Just paper the wall with them.  I’ve got mine and I, you know, they’ve actually, these come in quite handy in the years following.  They did.  I’ve been able to use them, hey I’ve been turned down too, you know.  You can show it to people and see them lighten up.  I’m not the only one that was turned down.  You’re not you’re absolutely not.  Does that mean it’s over?  No.  It doesn’t mean that it’s over.  You should continue.  Do you want to give your phone number?  You can if you like.  If you…”

Glendene Grant: “Okay, I will give my phone number and my email address.”

Todd Matthews:“OK.”

Glendene Grant: “My phone number is area code 250, phone number 374-6137.”

Todd Matthews: “And we’ll have that actually, in the archives and in the links, your email address will be in the links.  Who, if I want to report something to law enforcement, who do I need to call?”

Glendene Grant: “It would be Det. Molnar.”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “And he’s with the North Las Vegas City Police.  It’s just going to take me one moment.”

Todd Matthews: “And we’ll have a link to this information so we’ll have that there,

Glendene Grant: “OK.”

Todd Matthews: “There’s no worries.”

Glendene Grant:“Because, for some reason, I didn’t have that information open, and I should have.”

Todd Matthews: “And you’ve found these guys to be really helpful?”

Glendene Grant: “I have, um, well as we talk I’ll look it up on one of my missing posters.  Oh, here it is right here.  I always have them quite within hand, because when I go out, they come with me.  Okay, now the North Las Vegas Police Department is, area code 702 and the phone number is 633-1773 and that is Detective Dave Molnar.  And he is the officer who is assigned to our case.”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “Yes, they have been very helpful and I’ve met them both times that I’ve went down to Las Vegas and um, it’s kind of ironic, cause while we were there, they’re telling us, Information Officer Tim Bedwell tells us, ‘there’s not a lot we can do, we’re doing what we can and he says, you know, meeting you has touched me, and I just want you to know I’m going to do everything in my power, and those weren’t even words that we actually heard while we were there.  I think that we have had an impact on him and he probably thought about us after we were gone and has decided that, you know, even though they only have so much they can do, there’s always a little bit extra on their own.  They don’t have to do it between the hours of 9 to 5.  They can do a little bit of investigating from home or on their own or…”

Todd Matthews: “It’s encouraging.  I have a lot of officers that do call, sometimes after hours, you know.  Probably 5 officers today on different cases, and some of them are not even in relation to this show.  It’s just that they found me either through Project Eden or Doe Network or something, and you try to refer them to something and a lot of times I use a, especially when a family calls me.  They’ll think they have a unique situation when they’re trying to describe what happened and it’ll remind me of another case and I’ll say, ‘OK, go to the archives and listen to Episode whatever’ and hopefully they’ll see a mirror and maybe even listening to your show and say, ‘wow’, there’s some things and they’ll create a checklist from things you’ve described during the conversation and you know, it helps.”

Glendene Grant: “You know, if I could be of any help to anyone else, I would do it in a heartbeat.  Just because I know how grateful I am for any help.  I have people who call and say, you know, I’d really like it if I could do more, but all I can do it pray.  Well, there’s power in prayer and if praying is what you can do, then I wouldn’t consider it ALL that they can do as a bad thing.  I would consider that’s everything they can do and that’s…”

Todd Matthews: “You have to maintain the faith.  You have to maintain the faith that things will eventually work out.  You have to; it’s what you have to hang onto.  Now you fly, now.  How many miles is it from your home to Las Vegas?”

Glendene Grant: “Oh, you know, I’ve never done the mileage, but I’ll tell you, I live in a small town in the Interior of British Columbia and we do not have an International Airport.”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “So the first thin we had to do is, we have to drive 2 hours to another town called Kelowna and then from there we take the plane either to, sometimes it takes us to Edmonton and then Las Vegas.  Sometimes it takes us to Phoenix and then to Las Vegas.  Sometimes it takes us to Calgary or Vancouver and then Las Vegas, so it’s, even though even though we are in the same time zone.”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “It’s pretty well a day trip.”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “To get there flying.  And you know my trip down there, my first stop was Northern Alberta, which is one province over and the next time zone and back over to this, you know, to the western part of the United States, into our same time zone as BC and you know it just takes…and the reason that we do end up taking a little bit longer is because we also do try to conserve as much money as we can…”

Todd Matthews: “Oh ya, absolutely.”

Glendene Grant: “For the search and sometimes the cheapest flights are the ones that have the biggest stopovers.”

Todd Matthews: “Well, you know what?  What route did Jessie take?  What?”

Glendene Grant:“Jessie actually would fly sometimes she flew from Kamloops and sometimes drove to the small airport in Kelowna and down straight to there.  But she normally, she would go to Kelowna and take the plane straight down to Las Vegas.”

Todd Matthews: “So, she’s been there more than once?”

Glendene Grant: “Well, she was there, um, it’s not like she was there more than once, it’s just that she came home…”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “After she was living there, and when she went back again.  The last time Jessie was in Kamloops, she came back in November 2005 and then went to Calgary and visited her dad and her family on his side, and you know, had a little bit of a Christmas celebration with them, as it was starting to get into December, came back to Kamloops in time for her sister’s birthday on December 8th and stayed with us and on Christmas Day she flew out back to Las Vegas and that is was our last time to see Jessie, Christmas Day of 2005.” 

Todd Matthews: “So how many days actually passed that you actually had contact with her before you realized?  Before an actual report was made?”

Glendene Grant: “That was, ah, 3 months…”

Todd Matthews:“OK.”

Glendene Grant: “From December, from Christmas Day until March 28th.”

Todd Matthews: “You know the route traveling if you were going to drive?”

Glendene Grant: “I believe what you would do, is…uh, well you would start heading down south and you would go through, I believe, uh, you know my mind’s, I’m really not sure, I think Idaho, um…”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “And then I know that we went over Salt Lake City just before we came into Las Vegas.  So I do believe that would be the route.  Um, I’ve never actually, you know, thought about the drive.  You know, other people have driven there to Las Vegas, and they, they’re, you know, it takes a good, um, I believe 12 hours of constant driving, so it’s usually maybe 1 ½ days to get there.” 

Todd Matthews: “I would think it would be the ideal if posters were distributed directly from your home to Las Vegas in a drive.”

Glendene Grant: “That’s a very good idea.”

Todd Matthews: “I think it would be really good to do that because that connection, you know, that’s going to draw a dotted line between those two cities and hopefully that would create a new link, a physical link, you know, there’s always an Internet link, but there’s a physical link where people…”

Glendene Grant: “That’s true, and people would actually see her.” 

Todd Matthews: “Refer from town to town because there’s a connection somewhere.  She didn’t just vanish into the thin air.”

Glendene Grant: “That’s right.”

Todd Matthews: “You have to establish some type of a direct physical line, I think it will help and it will certainly help you when you’re referring to media in those different areas.  Because you have to find a way to relate it.  Relate one case to another.  Who else went missing on this date?  What else happened that day that was interesting?  You know, a lot of times with the media, I’m dealing with the media as a, as a person trying to sell the story, not physically sell, but sell the idea, I have to find a way, OK, now this story’s interesting because…not because the mother’s broken-hearted and we need to help her, because this is different than the one you ran last week and you need to do this one, you have to make somebody interested enough in the story that they’re going to run it for you.  They’re going to do it for the family.  You really have to paint that picture.  Apparently you’ve done a good job because you wouldn’t have got this far in the period of time that you did.  It’s not easy.”

Glendene Grant: “No, it hasn’t been easy.”

Todd Matthews: “You have accomplished a lot and I know it wasn’t just…you didn’t just fall upon it.”

Glendene Grant: “Well I did have many people tell me when Jessie comes back and sees what I’ve done and it makes my heart soar, when they say, ‘Jessie will come back and see how hard you’ve worked and see what you did’ and you know, my youngest daughter just hugged me really tight a couple of days ago, um, my youngest daughter, Jennee, she’s still a teenager, she’s only going to be 17 this month, the other girls are all in their twenties.  But Jennee’s the youngest, and she squeezed me as tight as she could and said, ‘Mom, I know it’ll never happen, but I know now, if anything ever happened to me where I’d go missing, I know you will find me’.”

Todd Matthews: “And that’s amazing.  Well I’ve got another guest that’s coming, Elizabeth Bruce.  I’ve had a lot of contact with her – her mother, Brenda Bravo is missing – she’s not missing…she’s in Las Vegas now, Elizabeth is.  But she is looking for her mother outside that area.  Possibly even in the LA area.  LA, California area, but that’s somebody that I would definitely, and her links are in the Upcoming Guests Archive, that’s somebody that I say, I’d like to see you talk to, because she’s there and she knows what it feels like, and you know, she drives a taxi cab, that’s what she does for a living.  You got an opportunity.  Distributing the posters there is not going to do her any good for her mother’s case, probably, but you got another person that’s in the same boat you are and you could help.  Maybe cross promote and help each other and that usually helps, cause she is physically there.  And I think she would be willing to help you.  And I’m gonna make sure she hears this show tonight.  I’m gonna definitely make sure she sees it.  And I’ll ask her, what can you do to help Glendene.  So that might be a good possibility.  So we’re gonna work on that.  Another…another added to the list.  On that, try to work on it and get a few things done.  And, um, you’ve got to have a theory.”

Glendene Grant: “I have a, I have a couple of theories, and, um, because, like I say there’s no proof so there’s nothing they can do on it.  Jessie was in a relationship with a person who…”     
(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “She told us she was engage to.  And she even looked at wedding dresses when she was up here, with her sister.  So this person, Peter Todd, who she was living with, he’s never even talked about back then.  You know, they were engaged.  Um, he’s talked to the police, but he’s…to me, if I have a missing loved one, like a girlfriend, boyfriend, you know, somebody like with him it was a girlfriend, I would do everything I could to find her.  Even if it was only a ten month relationship.  He hasn’t really helped us in the search. 

Todd Matthews: “How old is he?”

Glendene Grant: “He’s older.  He’s 39.”

Todd Matthews:“OK, then.  He’s definitely old enough to know better, this man.”

Glendene Grant: “Exactly.  Now a couple things that we know for a fact, without making any, you know, accusations, or anything, because that’s NOT what I want to do.  But we know for a fact that, um, Peter Todd’s estranged wife is a prostitute. 

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “We know for a fact she worked at the Chicken Ranch in Pahrump.”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “And we know for a fact she’s been arrested for these…for this line of work.”

Todd Matthews: “Pahrump Valley.”

Glendene Grant: “That’s right.  NOW a couple other things we know for a fact is that Jessie started, uh, living with Peter Todd around June 2005.”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “And we know for a fact that Jessie had been involved in an escort business from that time on.  We know this because the police talked to someone who worked in that business and knew Jessie, and who tried to convince Jessie to leave, but what Jessie’s answer to that was that she would be afraid to.”

Todd Matthews: “Now, is this something, did that surprise you?”

Glendene Grant: “Very much.”

Todd Matthews: “To say that she is…”

Glendene Grant: “It surprised me completely that Jessie would have ever done this, however it didn’t surprise me she would do this IF she was being forced to do it.  Whether that force was, um, somebody said, um, you know, you have to do this or I’ll, you know, I will harm you or harm one of your family members or you have to do this…for whatever reason being, um, maybe it was even a type of brainwashing – if you loved me, you would do this.  You know…” 

Todd Matthews: “Oh”

Glendene Grant: “If you cared enough about me, this is what you would do for me.  Nobody knows.”

Todd Matthews: “Then again, folks, we’re talking theory.  So she’s, were not…we’re not casting any blame on anybody, we’re just trying to…”

Glendene Grant: “No, we’re not.”

Todd Matthews: “Develop a theory, so…”

Glendene Grant: “That’s right.  And there’s never been any blame.  I am on talking terms with Peter, and he, you know, he knows that I feel he should be doing more, but, like you say, I…you know…I don’t know.  I don’t know that Peter did anything.  I would, you know, like to believe that Peter loves Jessie and wouldn’t.  I don’t know that, um, you know, Jessie may have been trying to get out of a situation and may have had to go into hiding herself.”

Todd Matthews: “Well, if he’s innocent, nothing, you know, a lot of people just don’t want to deal with anything like this and it’s easier just to say, you know, I’m gonna move on, I don’t want to get involved with that.  You know, I don’t want to be involved in something, cause this is a hard life, and you know that you have no choice; you’re a family member.  You have no choice.”

Glendene Grant: “That’s right.”

Todd Matthews: “But you know, maybe he just said, I’m gonna wash my hands of this and move on and not be tied up with it.  You know, that’s a cold way of not having to have a hassle with something that’s, you know, I seen people do it.”

Glendene Grant: “Well, I do know that I, um, the police are the same way.  They have nothing to accuse anybody of, um, Peter did talk to the police twice, he has come into the police station…”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “Talked to them, given his statement.  And you’re right, he may very well just say now I’m washing my hands of this.  But he does keep in touch with us.  Which I am very grateful for.  I, um, did tell him one time, if I loose contact with you, then I loose contact with everything to do with Jessie outside of Canada.  There’s not one other thread that connects Jessie to any one else that I know, and, so he’ll call every one in a while, or if I call him, he will either answer, or call me back, and you know, so I, you know…in my mind I, you know, I’ve spoken to him face-to-face…”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “And I don’t feel that, uh, you know, I don’t feel that I’m dealing with evil or anything like that, so I’m, you know, but he may know something, he may know something that he’s either, um, you know, afraid to tell, or can’t tell or doesn’t know for sure, or doesn’t want to mention.  I don’t really know.  All I know is that to me, I feel that maybe he could help us a little more.  Maybe he…”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “Could donate to our Trust Fund, we have to fundraise to keep the Private Investigator working, and going to the United States and printing out posters and everything.  You know, he owns a very expensive house and nice vehicle.  I have asked him ‘can you contribute’.  He’s never answered and he’s also never contributed.  But I do feel that, you know, even if he wanted to wash his hands of, as innocent as anyone could be, he still might want to, you know, donate money.”

Todd Matthews: “Distribute a poster.”

Glendene Grant: “Distribute a poster!  I put posters on his garage at his house, and he took them down.”

Todd Matthews: “Did he say why?”

Glendene Grant: “He didn’t’ say why, but, um, I told him that the reason I put them up was, I said, ‘don’t you want your neighbors to know that your girlfriend’s gone?  Don’t you want them to know she’s missing?’  And all he said was, ‘well, I took them off.’  He didn’t say, you know, anything about that.”

Todd Matthews: “Hmm.  A lot to think about.”

Glendene Grant: “It is.”

Todd Matthews: “A lot, and I know you’ve done it.  I know you’ve sat and thought of this probably too many night, I’m sure.”

Glendene Grant: “That’s right.  It’s been one of those, um, things where you think one day you’ll wake up and maybe this was another episode of CSI or you know, Law & Order, something like that.  Which, you know it’s funny, cause Jessie & I, our favorite shows were Law & Order.  We’d be talking on the phone and Jessie would say, ‘oh, I got to go, Law & Order is on’.  And we’d watch it.  And I tell you that’s one thing.  I can’t even watch that show anymore.  It’s just, you know, Jessie & I enjoyed it so much...”

Todd Matthews: “The relationship that you had is kind of…”

Glendene Grant: “It was great.  It was, we liked those types of shows & now it feels like our life is one of those shows.  And it’s not, but there’s no ending…it doesn’t end in an hour.”

Todd Matthews:“Now, you’re not having to deal wit the, uh, the USA/Canada type situation where you’re having to deal with both sets of the law enforcement agency?  And that’s usually very difficult.  To try to go through that.”

Glendene Grant: “Yes, we do have a case in Kamloops, ongoing also.  I, I um, declared Jessie as a missing person in Kamloops the same day that I did in Las Vegas.”

Todd Matthews: “OK, OK.”

Glendene Grant: “And since then, the missing person’s case has been moved up to the Serious Crimes Division.  So probably about maybe 3 or so months ago, or 4 months ago, it became a…a, one of the files of the Serious Crimes will be looking at.”

Todd Matthews:“It’s just like two different cases, dealt with in two different areas, you not having to relate through two different law enforcement agencies.  With every step you take.”

Glendene Grant: “I do, because when I, what I normally do is when I send something to one, I make sure I send it to both.  I don’t, you know, but I do…I almost feel that even though I don’t know if it’s because they can’t, but I do feel the Las Vegas, or the North Las Vegas Police Department hasn’t put even as much effort into it as, um, the police up here.  The police up here are looking into different scenarios, um, wondering if the person she originally went traveling with has something to do with this.”

Todd Matthews: “Well, it’s a local case there.  So that, that really helps.”

Glendene Grant: “That’s right.  One thing we did notice, um, several months ago, just before it did go to the Serious Crimes, um, that there was some hits on our website, cause we have two – one is more family orientated with all the news clippings, the other one – the is more to, um, to track things.  And we did notice that the, um, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which is the RCMP, the police force in Canada, their head office in Ottawa, in Ontario have been looking at our website.  We saw the, um…”

Todd Matthews: “Yeah, and that’s interesting, uh, and I can see as well, on the Missing Pieces website, who, and a lot of times I’ve been able to help family members, by saying, ‘well you know, uh, your local newspaper has spent a lot of time looking at this story.  Now might be a good time to give them a call and see if they’re ready to run something again, because, obviously, they are interested or they wouldn’t be looking.” 

Glendene Grant: “That’s right.”

Todd Matthews: “So you try to put them onto that tip, ‘hey go look, the Maury Show’s looking at it, take a run at it again.’  You know, that help.”

Glendene Grant: “That’s right, one thing about our local news is they are always doing more stories.  It was just in the newspaper the day again, an, uh, the Calgary Sun, which has articles that go in the Calgary and the Edmonton Sun, because they’re literally almost the same paper, but two cities.”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “And the Kamloops Daily News here in town, they have had a lot of stories.  Like probably, here in town we had it in our, in our newspaper, I would say at least 8 times, we’ve had it on our local news probably 4 times, and uh, now it’s going National News.  So, it’s picking up, but I, they’re local, we’re…we’re a smaller town.  We’re 90,000 people and one of our own is missing, and, you know, there’s…it’s very rare that you talk to anybody in this city who does not know that Jessie’s a missing person.  Where, it’s not like that in a large city.”

Todd Matthews:“Uh um.  No.”

Glendene Grant: “They don’t hear every little thing, and it’s not publicized in cities.  They have murders; they have other stories that take over the news.  You know, Kamloops doesn’t have that; we do have some crime, you know, but not crime like a large city.  So a lot of it is community, a lot of it is about our local people.”

Todd Matthews: “Well, we’re here in a very small town, you know, someone gets a littering charge we know it.  Um, I mean, it’s that small.  You know.  Even the smallest crimes are not unseen here.  Last spring I was at New York city and I saw so many missing posters posted that I could see how some of the local people can just, sort of, stop and see them.  It’s just like looking at trees with the same leaves on it.  And I stopped and looked and even took pictures of some of them and so many of them were, wow, I mean, I’ve been working in this a long time and I never heard of that case.  And I never heard of this case.  I never heard of that case.  And it was scary.  You know, to see that, because there’s so many.  You have any idea how many missing persons there are listed with the FBI NCIC?”

Glendene Grant: “No, I don’t.”

Todd Matthews: “Over 100,000.  And those are the one’s that’s actually listed with the FBI NCIC that were actually reported.  There’s more.  There are over 6,000 unidentified bodies listed with the FBI NCIC and we’re pretty confident that there are at least 40,000 unidentified bodies.”

Glendene Grant: “Hmmm.”

Todd Matthews:“Cause not all of them make it to NCIC and it’s very important that people do.  Her case is listed with FBI NCIC, right?”

Glendene Grant: “Yes, it is.”

Todd Matthews:“OK.”

Glendene Grant: “It has, um, it hasn’t been listed for, since, for the whole time, but when we went down there, um, they told us that it was now listed, and um, we, we weren’t able to get the number.  We tried to get the number and they wouldn’t give it to us at the police department.”

Todd Matthews: “I’ve encountered that before and I don’t know why, because that’s the number we use when we try to relate a potential match.  We see a potential case and it’s just like using their own, this is your code.  There’s nothing I can do with this code.  There’s nothing can do to corrupt this case.  It’s just your code.  A way to look up the data quicker, and you know, a lot of them don’t want to give it out.  Some of them wave it on a flag.”

Glendene Grant: “They told us, ‘call the FBI’ and before we had a chance to call the FBI, we had Jessie, um, put on the National Center for Missing Adults and they got the number for us.”

Todd Matthews: “So, that’s handy.”

Glendene Grant: “Before I had a chance to, ah, before the FBI got back to me with this number, I, they put Jessie on their website and the number was there.  So I just took it off of their website.  The FBI still hasn’t actually, you know, personally given it to me.”

Todd Matthews: “But it’s very important.  I know a lot of people will have a lot of, ah, lack of faith in the FBI NCIC and that system.  Maybe it is a system that needs an upgrade.  It really is.  There’s a lot that can be done to improve it.  A lot of it is manually, you know, we’re manually manipulating this data by doing just what you and I are doing.  We’re finding ways to manually manipulate it to make it work better.  But it’s not going to work if its not used – period!”

Glendene Grant: “Yes.”

Todd Matthews: “You know, don’t enter in it, it’s not going to kick out.”

Glendene Grant: “That’s right.”

Todd Matthews: “Period.  So, and it’s such a good database cause it’s used for other crimes.  If she was involved in the escort service, should there been an arrest at some point in time, it’ll kick it out.  It will cross-reference if there’s any type of crime that has any type of connection to it will kick it out.  If it’s actually entered into the database.”

Glendene Grant: “I didn’t even know what NCIC stood for.”

Todd Matthews: “National, well you know now.”

Glendene Grant: “I do now.  Yes, I didn’t know until we were down in Las Vegas just in January.”

Todd Matthews:“Wow, and you watch Law & Order and you didn’t know that.”

Glendene Grant: “Well, I…”

Todd Matthews: (Laughs)”

Glendene Grant: “You’re right. (laughs)”

Todd Matthews: (Laughs) "You should pay attention to that when you learn, you learn the hard way, but, ah…”

Glendene Grant: “That’s right.”

Todd Matthews:“For the people, it’s the National Crime Information Center and you know, it’s missing and unidentified through crimes and you’ll find, that often with these cases, another crime will be committed, maybe there will be a stolen car, some kind of relation, abandoned vehicle, ah, just, there’s a lot of things that could be tied into something like this.  Ah, a stolen credit card, not just something, your loved one’s stolen, but something that might have been in relation to, or have some type of connection to.  It’s really important.  If you do not have your case listed with the NCIC – FBI NCIC, you need to push that really, really hard, because it is just simply another door that you can take, another way of relating data.  So, push that really hard and I hope you, Glendene, will actually tell people that.  And make sure that they do it.”

Glendene Grant: “I will.”

Todd Matthews: “Push it…push it.”

Glendene Grant: “I didn’t even really know a lot about it and now I do, and you’re right, it’s definitely, it’s important and I did have other people ask me, ‘is she listed with NCIC?’  And I’m like, my answer at that time was, ‘no’, and then finally the, ah, the, you know, the North Las Vegas Police are the one’s that told me that she is now.  Have you heard about, we got an email from the gentleman who did the article in the Las Vegas City Life, Matt O’Brien.”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “He sent us an email of a story that was in the Las Vegas Sun on January 29th of this year.  Which just happened to come out in the newspaper 9 days after we left Las Vegas.”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “And it was written by Sam Skolnik and the title of this article in the newspaper and the title of this article in the newspaper was, ‘Do We Have a Human Trafficking Problem?’ And the sub-title says, ‘Justice Department Named Las Vegas Among 17 Most Likely Destinations’.  And it talks about this new task force that they have.  It’s, um, it’s called ATLAS.  Anti Trafficking League Against Slavery and they have, since they started up, received a $370,000 grant from the government to get it started.  And, um, I have been told by the bounty hunter that has offered his service to us, that we need to contact these people and get Jessie listed in this new Anti Trafficking League Against Slavery because of the fact that there is a very high chance that she has been a victim of human trafficking.”

Todd Matthews: “You know, and that is a high trafficking area for that type of thing.  I mean, for…for the escort service, that’s a big market there in Las Vegas.”

Glendene Grant: “It is.”

Todd Matthews: “It’s possible that she would have been kept there…”

Glendene Grant: “And that’s what we, we sometimes get the feeling that, yes, she is still there.”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “And, um…”

Todd Matthews:“Cause she’s a 21…22 years old now.”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Todd Matthews: “That is, uh, you know, I know they are consider it an adult and they have to treat the case like an adult, it’s very, very, uh…”

Glendene Grant: “Very, very, um…”

Todd Matthews: “Very impressionable age.”

Glendene Grant: “I hadn’t even started having my children and ended up having 4.  I still thought I was young and I started at 24 years old.  And, um, the more I think about being 21 & 22 years old, and I know that I wasn’t even, I didn’t even feel old enough to, you know, even to be a mother at that young age.”

Todd Matthews:“Wow, and I was married at 18.  I got married at 18 and I’ve been married, I’m 36 now, so I’ve been married ½ my life.”

Glendene Grant: “Wow.”

Todd Matthews: “When I look back now and I look at pictures of my own son, my oldest son is 14 now, but he’s near that age and I’m looking at these pictures and I think, my God, I was, you know, I’m living my life as a decision made upon two kids, you know, we’re very happy.  My wife, I, she was 17, we’re very happy, but you know, our lives are based on the decision that two children made at that time.” 

Glendene Grant: “You’re right, because you were at that point.”

Todd Matthews: “Yeah, you know, you just…”

Glendene Grant: “My daughter is almost 17 and I myself was living on my own at 16 and ah, working, paying my rent and you know, and I just think, ‘oh my goodness, you know.  How in the world could I have, you know, handled all that responsibility at such a young age’?”

Todd Matthews: “Wow.  I think at least I made all the right moves at that time, because I don’t think I could have, I don’t think I could choreograph now the decisions I made at that time, blind…not knowing any better and it worked out, so well, I think I couldn’t have done it now.  I would over think it now and possibly, you know, miss something.”

Glendene Grant: “I also think that now-a-days, we tend to keep our children a little be younger at heart.”

Todd Matthews: “Yeah.”

Glendene Grant: “And we, we’re actually a little bit older when we were their ages, if you understand what I mean.”

Todd Matthews: “I do.  I wouldn’t have a few years ago, but I do now.”

Glendene Grant: “Yes, that’s what I think.  I have a perfect example of how people, um, they, they take the feeling of being young and old.  I have a niece who’s 10 years younger them me.  And for many years I used to say, ‘oh, you’re young.  You’ll know what I mean when you’re older.’  And she would get offended and say, ‘I’m not young.  I’m 19.  I’m not young, I’m 20.  I’m not young, I’m 22.’  Finally I said one day, ‘well you’ll know, you’re still young’, and she took it as a compliment.  And I had to say, ‘oh, guess what, Janice.  You’re not young any more’.  Because when you’re young and you’re called young, you get mad.  Obviously, I’m not young.  When you’re getting older and someone calls you young, that’s complimentary.” 

Todd Matthews: “Oh, yeah. You know you’ve rounded that bend.”

Glendene Grant: “That’s how I always can sort of, you know, judge whether or not somebody is young or feeling young because they know.  That when you’re young, you don’t want to be reminded that you’re young.”

Todd Matthews: “Cause it’s so limited.”

Glendene Grant: “They’re in a hurry to grow up.  They wanna grow up and they want to get on with their life and they don’t realize they’ve got 70, 80 years to live the rest of their lives.  They should enjoy the first 20 or so, even more and just let yourself be young.”

Todd Matthews:“Well, what shocked me so much, when I was old enough to get married but not go buy alcohol.”

Glendene Grant: “Yeah.”

Todd Matthews: “You know, and that’s when you need it. (laughs)

Glendene Grant: (Laughs)

Todd Matthews: “When you just get all that responsibility in your lap, and you’re, oh, my God, what did I do?  And that’s when you needed something to take the edge off of it.  But it was funny though, I thought.  So, you think I’m responsible enough to make this choice to get married and start having children, if I choose to, and enter the working world and pay takes…but I’m not old enough to drink.”

Glendene Grant: “And probably not old enough to vote either.”

Todd Matthews: “Nope, well.  Just 18, my wife wasn’t old enough to vote.”

Glendene Grant: “The thing that I do remember is, um, you know when Jessie was down there and I didn’t like her going there at all.  That’s what came to my mind.  I thought, well, you know, in, Canada has different age limits.”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “Depending on your province.  Our province is 19.  Her father’s province is 18.  And she lived with her father at 18.  She graduated from high school when she was 18 and most, because in Kamloops here, when a child is graduating out of high school, their not old enough to drink yet, cause they’re not 19.  And so we have a lot of dry grads, which just means, even though it’s illegal anyways, you might as well have them where there’s no kids that come that are drinking.  And where as with Jessie, some kids are old enough, some kids aren’t, so I thought, well, you know, she’s graduated from high school, she’s old enough to go to the liquor store if she chose to, she’s um, old enough to start voting and she’s been that way since she was 18.  She went down there at 21 – for 3 years, she’s made all her own decisions.”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “And that was my biggest problem, is the fact that, to me she was so young, but having been on her own, paying her rent, working 2 jobs, having her own apartment.  I didn’t have a right to say, ‘you, get back here.  You’re not allowed to go down there’.  I didn’t feel that I had any where close to having the right to say that to her.  Regardless of my own personal feelings about her being down there.”

Todd Matthews:“Did you ever try to talk her out of it?”

Glendene Grant: “Oh, gosh yes.  I tried to talk her out of it.  She would call me, um, in the middle of a big argument with Peter Todd.  They would be fighting, and they would be yelling at each other and she would call me up and she would say, ‘Mom, this is what’s going on’ and I’d say, ‘well, Jessie, you know, why don’t you leave?  He’s much older than you.  He’s been through a marriage already.  You’re young’.  And then I’d talk to Peter.  And I’d say, ‘Peter, why don’t you just let Jessie go?  You guys fight all the time.  There’s no reason for it.  You don’t need to have a younger girl giving you heck anymore than she needs to be going through this.  You know, I said let her have a chance to grow, and, and before she gets tied down in a relationship’, you know, he already had a child and had been married.”

Todd Matthews: “Did she ever mention coming home?”

Glendene Grant: “She was coming home that month.”

Todd Matthews: “I mean permanently.”

Glendene Grant: “Um, we think that her…she was planning to come home.  Peter Todd…”

(~Todd 'Missing Pieces Host' acknowledges guest statement~)

Glendene Grant: “Said that Jessie was, she wanted to do anything she could to stay down in the United States.  Um, he said she was trying to marry him so she could stay in the United States, but he’s not an American citizen.  So, she knew that marrying Peter Todd would not give her dual citizenship.  So I don’t know what he quite means by that.  We…I do believe that she was getting ready to make her move back here and um, and possibly not go back down there.”

Todd Matthews: “You ever thought about staying in Las Vegas for an extended period of time?  Maybe even move there?” 

Glendene Grant: “No, I would not move there.  My family is here, my father is still here, I have brothers and sisters up here, you know, friends.  I moved to Kamloops when I was 10 years old, lived in Calgary for several years and came back.  And I, this is my home and I love it here.  But, I would, if I thought it would…”

Todd Matthews: “Yeah”

Glendene Grant: “Be helpful, I would go down there, but even when I go down there for 10 days, you know, I just, ah, I go down, I’ve either gone down with, you know I met Dwight father down there, went down there with Brenda the time before.  I start just craving my home and my family and my friends.  And my husband, Jim and my daughters, they, you know, they so desperately want me home and not down there.  And you know, we have our obligations, we…we need to work, because we need to.”

Todd Matthews: “Of course.”

Glendene Grant: “And that’s the main reason why I’ve gone down twice, and my husband Jim has not.  Cause he’s stayed home, he helped hold down the fort, kept working, taking care of the house and my younger daughter, and we just know we can’t both go down there.  And, though it would be nice to have him down there for support and hold me up, you know, cause I do get weak.  I’m strong, I’m strong right now because I’m, this is a cause.  I’m talking to somebody because I want to get the word out, but if , you know, when I’m all by myself, or in the evening when I could be just with a dear friend, I break down often.  And it’s really nice to have a strong arm hold you up when that happens.”

Todd Matthews:“Of course, of course you do.  One last thing.  You know, your words are embedded in the Internet, so anybody doing a search, even her, even if Jessie’s doing this herself, looking up herself, talk to her.  Tell me, what do you want to tell her?”

Glendene Grant: “I want to say, Jessie, we miss you.  And love you and we need you home.  If you’re not coming home and calling because you can’t, we understand.  If you feel that there’s any reason that you need to call us, and are afraid of what we will say, there’s no need to be.  Do not put yourself in harms way to contact us.  We will find you.  And we do not want you to get harmed by contacting us if you can’t.  But all we want you to do is stay safe, do whatever you can to keep yourself strong and just remember that we are here.  We’re fighting for you.  We’ve got all of Kamloops, British Columbia, Alberta, Canada and as many as we can in the United States helping us look for you.  We’ve got websites, we’ve got newspaper stories, we’ve got Internet stories and people are looking for you and just stay safe.  If you can call us, call us.  If it would put you in harms way, don’t call us until you can.  But when you have a chance to, Jessie, please…you break free and you come back and we, we’re waiting, we’re searching.  Any resource that we can we will use.  And we will bring you home.  But, and I know this, that you know I love you baby.  You know how much I love you.  And I just I miss you so much L.  I just miss you so much L.  I miss your laughter, your funniness, your big long belching and the fun things you used to do to crack us up.  Oh, baby, I L L.  God, it’s really hard. 

Todd Matthews: “I know, I…I know you needed to tell her something, though.  And where it needs to go.  I sure do, I really hope we can just, somebody can hear it or she can hear it.  We won’t stop.”

Glendene Grant: “If you saw her picture and never saw her face, she’s distinctly gorgeous, beautiful, the most perfectly beautiful teeth, biggest smile.  It’s so; you know that face will be embedded in everybody’s mind who sees her picture.  And I’ll never forget that Elizabeth Smart was found because somebody saw her face.  They didn’t see the size of her body, the shape of her body, the type of clothes she was wearing…because she was shrouded.  They saw her face and they recognized her face and Elizabeth Smart came home alive.  And that’s what I feel have to be done with Jessie.  We need to have her face out there where we need to have it embedded into people’s memories.  And when somebody sees, they keep walking and call and they call law enforcement and they tell them and they go and they get her.  And I know for a fact that Jessie will be found.”

Todd Matthews: Well, we’re definitely going to have you back.  I want to have you back on the show.  And it’s a Public Service Announcement.  We’ll have you back again and try to get an update and if you have a break through or an update, we obviously want to hear from you so that we can try to get it out, maybe we can do an other show, we can put an update on the website.  Ah, there’s just so many things that we can do to try to help you.”

Glendene Grant: “I would gladly do another show.  And, as you know, you’re included in my email list for the…”

Todd Matthews: “Oh, I get them, yes.”

Glendene Grant: “Things you get and you know how many I send out.  I’m not afraid to bombard people with emails about Jessie.”

Todd Matthews: “And I have the statistical data that I think I’ll go ahead and copy to you now, from now on, so that you’ll be able to include that, and I think it’ll help you get some attention.  It definitely catches peoples eye.  Because I’ll have reports that you’ll say, ‘you’re kidding me, there are not that many…yes there are.  And here’s the statistical data to prove it’.  So, you keep doing the right thing.  I know your on the right track…uh, you’re doing…you’re making all the right moves.  And you keep doing that.”

Glendene Grant: “That means a lot to hear that from you, because you know, that, I mean, what I know is that you told me you’ve been in this a long time, and it reassures me to know that we are making the right moves and hearing you compliment us on our progress to me is, it just makes my heart soar to know we’re putting all this time and effort into and it’s all going to the right places.”

Todd Matthews: “Well you are.  It definitely is, I mean, you know, there’s no magic bullet, there’s no proven formula, but I know that you’re doing things to actually get things in the public eye, and you obviously got a good heart and it will pay off.  I mean, you, your heart is in the right place and your willingness to help other people.  Ah, your life has become richer.  Even though your daughter’s gone, I know you’ve met some amazing people.”

Glendene Grant: “We, I have, and I met people who have gone through what I’m going through.  They’ve gone through the worst possible scenarios, where children have come back, um, where they’ve not been alive and people who have been going through the same thing as me for many, many months and years or longer and you know, like you say, it’s the family.  I’ve become a member of a family that nobody wants to be a member of.  But once you are, you realize that everybody’s reaching out, offering whatever they can, ah, just the words from the kindness and prayers that are, you know, people are, like they say, I may not have anything, but I pray.  They don’t, oh, if only I could make people understand, that is huge.  That, that’s not giving us nothing…that’s giving us nothing…that’s giving us everything when they pray.  And you know, it just…”

Todd Matthews: “Well, you’ve become a part of a very rich and ah, wonderful family.  It’s been an amazing, you know, I’ve never had to deal with a personal loss other than death and irretrievable loss.  I’ve had a lot of family members that are lost and I can’t get back, obviously, but I’ve never had to deal with the missing person directly in my family.  And, I but to meet the people that I’ve had to meet with, uh, it’s so real.  So I know, I know what you’re, ah; I know what, what things are challenging you daily.  I might not know the challenges that you are facing, and you’ve got a lot more.”

Glendene Grant: “Uh hum.”

Todd Matthews:“And I think you’re prepared for it.”

Glendene Grant: “Well, I am definitely prepared for it.  I am, um, I will never give up, I will never give up and if um, if I don’t find Jessie before my time on Earth ends…there will be somebody ready to take over.”

Todd Matthews: “Well you know that.”

Glendene Grant: “That’s right.”

Todd Matthews: “It’s not going to end.  It will not end when your time ends, it’s not going to end…so.”

Glendene Grant: “That’s right.”

Todd Matthews:“Well, I guess we need to tell everybody ‘goodnight’ and uh, I’ll look forward to talking to you more.  We’re going to stay in contact.”

Glendene Grant: “Thank you, Todd.  Yes, definitely.  And God Bless you.  God Bless you for everything you do and for this call with me and with, for everything else.  I know that people just cherish the fact that you are there to help out.”

Todd Matthews: “We’re definitely going to try.  So, I wish you goodnight, good luck and goodnight everybody.  Thank you.”

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Plus Jesse K & his girlfriend Jill had a baby girl this year, Cole & Amy are having a baby girl in November!  Jodie & Michael are having a baby and Alisha & Reg had another baby girl this year and they are getting married!  James Richardson got married to his long time girlfriend on May 19/07 and they are expecting a baby boy soon.  And Vickie Nesbitt got married May 20/06, to Brad Lyons; she has been with him for several years.  So she is Vickie Lyons now!!  I know there have been other good things but my mind is just not able to remember them all right now. 

Some of the terrible things that have happened are: Mark Fraser died on July 11/06…one of the saddest days.  He was on his Harley and crashed on July 5, the day after Matt’s 19th birthday.  He was at Mara Lake on holidays and was in the hospital in Kamloops where he died of massive head injuries.  Matt is holding up, but you know how close he was to his dad.  My cousin Linda also passed away April 23/07; she is auntie Billie’s oldest daughter (and Roger’s sister, who died 17 months before she did, both from cancer).  Linda did 2 fundraiser dinners to raise money for your search – she was a wonderful cook and she planned the Roast Beef and the Turkey dinners and cooked with the help of many others.  They were both very successful.  Also, Amber Bard died.  Last year she took her own life.  Amber’s mom LeaAnn was raising her daughter, Emily after that when she (LeaAnn) suddenly and tragically died last month (June 5/07).  Also last month, on June 29/07, Ted Whitmore’s daddy, Fred passed away.  Earlier this year, my uncle Ray Preston passed away (in January) and last year, Jesse & Cole’s uncle Pokey Kwasnica died (April 25/06). 

Also, Tigger died, after what appeared to be an attack by a dog, but we do not know for sure, all we know, is she was hurt very badly and the vet did not hold out much hope for her recovery, short of several thousand dollars in fees - and that was not even a we had to put her down.  Now we do not have Bootsy or Tiggy any more.  They are both in a grave out back by the trampoline. 

Like the good things, I know there are other terrible things that have happened, but again, my mind cannot think of them all right now. 

Also, Katie & Peter broke up last month. Katie is doing well. She moved back home, but she is moving out with Heather in September. She is working 2 jobs, part-time at Shopper’s Drug Mart and she is back at Convergys training to work in the same project as me. And Crystal & Aaron got back together. They were living here with us from March till the middle of June, when they moved back to Alberta for work. Jim & I are doing well. We miss you lots and Jim is having a

hard time taking care of me while I go through this ordeal, but thank God
for him.

Your dad is having such a hard time with all of this.  He just does not know what to do or what to think.  He is doing better now, but I have been worried about him.  After all, he only has you and Crystal…of course he has step daughters and he knows you have your other sisters, but you guys are his and he misses you so much.  Tracy is taking care of things of course.  Being the mom and grandma to all the kids…she is a strong woman. 

You have such a strong, huge support system, Jess.  Your friends all miss you and are so worried and supportive to us.  Shauna is engaged, Cindy got married, Jessi T had another baby, Sri is doing great…she is moving to Australia (plus she put on a fundraiser in Calgary at Jameson’s Irish Pub – it very successful, too), Brandy has helped put on a fundraiser in Edmonton with Kat (I will tell you all about Kat, she is wonderful) and put one on in Calgary with Dizzy – she has been so great.  There are so many others to tell you about, but that would take a book. 

Jessie, remember…we will find you, love Mom. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

For Who Ever Took Jessie!:
I have one more thing to say, but this is not to Jessie…this is to whoever took her, or has her, or knows where she is.  PLEASE, you have to understand that Jessie is loved, wanted, missed and needed back by her family and friends.  We NEED her.  She is part of us and without here there is a huge, huge hole.  It is unbelievable how big of a hole such a tiny girl can make when she is not there.  When she is missing from her family, from her place in our lives where she belongs.  GIVE HER BACK TO US.  Give her back to me.  I am her mommy and I need my baby back, PLEASE.  Jessie is a wonderful person with a huge heart and you do not need her like we do.  We promise that if someone contacts us with information about Jessie’s whereabouts we will keep it confidential and you will not be involved if you choose not to be.  Contact us from our website: or call Crime Stoppers or the North Las Vegas Police or even call your local police agency and they can get the information to us. 

Sincerely, Glendene Grant…mother of endangered missing JESSIE FOSTER

Guest: Glendene Grant
Mother of missing "Jessica Edith Louise Foster"
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Aired: February 06, 2007
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Wonderful job Glendene,
Our hearts and prayers are with you!
~Please take a moment to view this tribute to Jessica~
(Please turn your computer speakers on to hear music)
I Have A Missing Daughter

Jessie, I also want you to know that we know what you have been through.  We know what was happening in Vegas.  Do NOT blame yourself or think that you need to be forgiven for ANYTHING.  You are a VICTIM, even if you think you could have left, you were not able to – your being a victim of human trafficking is proof of that.  You were trying to come home to Canada and someone stopped you. 

Your story has been out there, baby.  Not as much as I want it to be, but your story has been on the Geraldo at Large show, the Maury Povich show and the Montel Williams show – plus the Dr. Phil show contacted me about doing a show on your disappearance in August…I am hopeful for that.  The way we will get you back is by letting North America and the rest of the world know you are missing and you are wanted back so very much. 

Jessie, I have missed 2 of your birthdays and a lot of other special occasions and holidays, plus all the things that have happened in the 16 months since you have been missing.  Many wonderful things have happened to family and friends, plus some terrible things. 

Some of the good things are: Jennee and her boyfriend Drew are going to have a baby in January!!  You will be an auntie to your baby sister’s baby! And Willie is a daddy!!  Him and Pam had a beautiful baby girl Audrey Elizabeth Grant on June 21st. And Vicki-Sue & Gord had a baby boy, Braedon on Kalysta’s 6th birthday in December and they are getting married in September. Vicki is so very happy. And uncle Jimmie and his fiancé Colette had a baby girl on Valentines day this year, little Piper and they are getting married next year. 
My sweet, dear, wonderful Jessie…
Hi baby, this is Mom.  I just wanted to let you know how much I miss you and how hard we are working to find you and bring you home.  I know how scared you must be and how worried you are about us worrying about you.  Do not think about that, keep your thoughts on staying strong and safe – no NOT put yourself in any more danger, be smart.  We are strong and we are not stopping.  With all my heart and soul I feel you are alive and out there, somewhere, needing to be found and rescued.  We will do that. 
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