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When she didn't pick her three children up from daycare, her family knew something was wrong. But little did they know, they might never talk to Melanie Metheny again.

The 21-year-old from Belle vanished without a trace on July 19th.

Life may never be the same for Melanie Metheny's father.

“This is something you hear about on unsolved mysteries or something,” said Metheny. “This is not something that happens to you or your family. This is all new to me.”

Jimmy Metheny, family, and friends have been searching for his 21-year-old daughter not knowing where to look.

The pain for her father is clear. Understanding his angst is unimaginabl
“There are people who are never found,” said Metheny. “I've got to look at that reality.”

So now, a weary father and a family wait for answers they might not ever get.

The family is hoping anyone with information will turn it over to authorities.

Case Information:
Missing Since:  July 19, 2006
Last Known Location:  Belle, West Virginia
Date of Birth:  June 21, 1985
Race:  White
Hair:  Brownish Blonde
Eyes:  Brown
Height: 5' 3"
Weight:  100 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics:   Pierced ears and surgical scar on left ankle.

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~ A Special letter from mother Debi Metheny ~

My daughter vanished without a trace from Belle, West Virginia a year ago today...
and there is an emptiness in each of us that cannot be filled because she is not here to be part of our lives.  We are so afraid we will never again see her smiling face or n ever again will she hold her babies which were her whole world because everything that she did…she did for them.  She is missed so much by so many people.

She was only 21 when she disappeared and had so much going for her.  She was so excited because she was just starting her college courses in August 2006 to become a nurse, and was also going to be the poster girl for the West Virginia Adult Basic Education Program.    Her face was going to be on billboards all across West Virginia and instead she is now on MISSING PERSONS POSTERS all across West Virginia…ironic huh?

She did not deserve what happened to her. She was a great girl who would have helped anyone, friend, stranger, and especially animal.  Not that we have any idea what happened, we only have rumors and plenty of them. All I know for sure is that my daughter is gone and her babies have no mother.  We are stuck in this endless pain of not knowing anything and not being able to grieve properly. Time will NEVER heal our wound only answers will, and unless someone comes forward with information, I do not see an end to our grief.  I/we need the truth. At the very least my Daughter deserves the truth to be told. That's all that I ask. 

My main question is; how can someone just disappear into thin air without someone hearing or seeing something?  I am now begging anyone to please come forward with any information that they have.   We have our suspects and we are 95% sure we know who is responsible.  I plead that there is someone out there that knows the difference between right, wrong, good and evil. And to those who will not come forward, One day you will have to stand before the Lord and be judged for this.  Will this secret be worth it?

I want my life back. I want my dreams back, but most of all I want my daughter back. I am  so tired of feeling like I have let my daughter down. The hardest part about looking forward is to not look back.   She has brought so much joy into our lives and we will never be whole again until we find her.  Every night I pray that the next day will be the day that we find her, but each day passes and every night I pray the same prayer.  Through all of this w e have learned how much we needed her instead of her needing us.

~ Debi Matheny mother of missing Melanie Matheny ~

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The One Year Anniversary Of Melanie's Disappearance
Guest: Debi Metheny
Mother of missing "Melanie Metheny"
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Aired: July 19, 2007