Missing Pieces
Is a program designed to raise public awareness and encourage communications
of information between people who can help locate or identify individuals
in cases that have been classified as
Unsolved, Missing, Murdered and Unidentified.


Please pass along this message to whomever might have a need for this information.
Specific state statistics are available upon request.

NCIC Statistics - provided by the FBI-NCIC for media relations -- USA & Canada

Current as of the October 31, 2008 indexing


According to the FBI-NCIC there are (approximately)
Missing Persons listed in their system. Children and adult.

There are (approximately)
Unidentified Persons listed their system.
Children and adult.


Missing Pieces does not warrant nor guarantee that every item of information is totally accurate. Efforts are taken to research / insure accuracy. Missing Pieces is not responsible for false or misleading statements made by guest(s).

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