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TODD MATTHEWS (Missing Pieces Host):  I’m Todd Matthews.  This is Missing Pieces and today we have another guest, Jerri Denise Hickman.  Welcome, Jerri.


TODD:  Is that short for Geraldine?

JERRI:  No, that’s short for Jerri.  Jerri.

TODD:  Just Jerri, okay.  I just want to make sure that we know you are a lady here.

JERRI:  Yes, but no Geraldine.

TODD:  Now, you’re in Arkansas?

JERRI:  That’s correct.

TODD:  So you’re not very far away from where I’m at here in Tennessee.

JERRI:  No, we’re neighbors.

TODD:  Now, it’s funny now with…your case goes way back to when there was another Clinton in the Whitehouse, right?

JERRI:  That’s correct.

TODD:  And we’re looking at the possibility of this happening again, so the Clinton name has popped up quite a bit lately.  ‘Late one night in September (1993), Jerry Parks, (your father), you owned a security guard company that had secured the Gazette Building while it was Clinton’s campaign headquarters, was shot to death in west Little Rock.’

JERRI:  That is correct.

TODD:  And you remember this day very well, I’m sure.

JERRI:  I’ll never forget that day as long as I live.

TODD:  Okay, what happened?  Just start maybe from when it happened.

JERRI:  Well, it was September 26, 1993.  I believe it was a Sunday, and I was at home when Jane Parks called my house, and she told me that my father had been hurt.  I asked her where was my Dad, and she told me that he was dead.  And, when she said that to me, I dropped the phone and went to my knees.  My husband and I went to Little Rock, to my Dad’s home that night, and when we got there, the police were everywhere.  Jane Parks was offering me Valium and she was offering my father’s parents some Valium.  She was acting funny.  She was sitting on the bed rocking back and forth but there were no tears in her eyes.  And the Clinton stuff did not come up, you know, I didn’t hear about that for a little while later when Gary brought up the theory, or the idea, that maybe Bill Clinton had something to do with the murder of our father, which I nor the family have never believed that.

TODD:  Now the lady that called you, that was your father’s current wife then, right?

JERRI:  Right.

TODD:  Okay.

JERRI:  Right.  My mother and father divorced when I was 3.

TODD:  Okay.  Well, there was recently another hostage situation in the Hilary Clinton campaign office, so it seems like that is something that has happened quite a bit with the Clinton family and a lot of people suggest that the Clintons have had things to do with things like this.

JERRI:  That is true, they have.  But, like I said, I do not believe that.  There’s no reason for Bill Clinton to have wanted my father dead, there is just no reason.  There is a reason, however, for his widow, you know she collected a large sum of money…

TODD:   uh huh

JERRI:  …off my father.  She, at the funeral, made the comment that she was a “rich widow now.”  There are just a lot of different things that she’s said that just don’t add up.

TODD:  Okay, when he was shot dead, was…who shot your father?

JERRI:  We don’t know.  I mean, I do not know.  But the detective that I’ve been talking to, Detective Steve Moore with Little Rock Homicide, told me that he believed that she had hired someone.

TODD:  uh huh

JERRI:  So, I don’t know.

TODD:  Okay, so what’s being done about this case?

JERRI:  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Detective Steve Moore told me recently that, without a confession or the murder weapon that we could not move anywhere, unless the Mount Home Police Department made an arrest for Dr David Millstein’s murder.

TODD:  Now how is he connected to this?

JERRI:   My stepmother was married to him.

TODD:  Okay.  So, the doctor, now he was also married to your father’s wife?

JERRI:  Right.  His widow, right.

TODD:  Okay.  And how did he pass away?

JERRI:  He was stabbed in the back.  My father was shot in the back.

TODD:  Wow.  That’s a lot of stuff going on with this.

JERRI:  Right.

TODD:  And we’ve talked about this before, and we’ve planned to have you on this show for quite a while and trying to get something put together, but with so many things going on with this particular case, I would have thought something would have been done, you know, this is…

JERRI:  Well, Todd, the police in Mount Home have asked me not to tell anyone that I’ve talked to them but it’s been going on for a year and a half now, and I have been told, I was made a promise months and months ago that within, the detective said, that within 30 days we will have ‘blank blank’ arrested.  (He said), “I can’t tell you the name, but I promise you within 30 days, they will be in jail.”  Well 30 days came and 30 days went and still no one is in jail.

TODD:  Now I remember that because we where actually talking before, and we had some hope that something was going to happen so we kind of left things alone.

JERRI:  Correct.

TODD:  Okay.

JERRI:  And when I call him, he still tells me, “You know, I’m working on it.  It’s going to happen.”  But I believe that if it was going to happen, it would have already happened, you know?

TODD:  uh huh

JERRI:  They waited 2 weeks before searching my brother’s car, my father’s home, Jane Parks’s home; they waited 2 weeks before obtaining search warrants to search anything.

TODD:  And, of course, I recommend anyone listening to this to actually read the associated links with this particular case; it will make a whole lot more sense.  We’re just picking up talk from what we already know about the case and hopefully we can highlight a few things.  Now, I know you feel like the Clinton family wasn’t involved in this, but it was suggested that that was a possibility. 

JERRI:  Right.

TODD:  Do you think that was just to throw off…the track?

JERRI:  Truly, Todd, I suppose my brother, Gary Parks, had gotten into…you know, he had been in trouble with the police, and the youngest brother, Michael Parks, he had been in trouble with the police and my Dad had found stolen merchandise in the home before he left on the cruise that he spoke about…

TODD:   uh huh

JERRI:  …online or whatever, and he found a gun, he found drugs, and he had a made the comment to her that the boys had to go and if she didn’t like it, she could leave too.  And when they came back from their trip, he was in the company car, which no one would have known that but her, nobody.  He would have been in his…he had a black Cadillac Eldorado that he drove and she was the only one that knew, you know, where he was, where he was going…there’s…I don’t know.

TODD:  Now, these brothers that you talk of, they’re your half-brothers, right?

JERRI:  Correct.  They’re my father and Jane’s.

TODD:  Okay.  You’ve always had lots of suspicions about your brothers, though?

JERRI:  Yes.  Well, mainly her.  I didn’t really think, you know, that my brother was capable of this until the doctor was murdered, and the suggestion is that he is the one that committed the murder.

TODD:  Hmmm.  Do you have a relationship with your brothers at all now?

JERRI:  No, we do not.  On Thanksgiving I usually go to my grandmother’s and they don’t, and if I don’t, they do.  So, no, we don’t speak.

TODD:  And this has been since your father was murdered?

JERRI:  Correct.  Well, I mean, we spoke for a while after my father was murdered, but we weren’t close, no.

TODD:  At any time did, you know of course this was at the campaign office, did anybody…did this happen in and around the campaign office, did anybody ever try to help you with anything?

JERRI:  Um, well, how do you mean?  In what way, do you mean?

TODD:  Well, like any of the officials involved, I mean he had a lot of co-workers working there…

JERRI:  Correct.  Yes, one gentleman in particular that worked for my father, told me that, you know, he wrote me a letter that there was not a reason for Bill Clinton to want my father dead, you know, because he was in charge of the Clinton campaign headquarters, not my Dad.  He just owned the company.

TODD:   uh huh

JERRI:  And the other man ran, as far as being there, he was the one there, not my father.

TODD:  And we’ve got some of these letters that I’ve actually looked at before and after we review them, after we get this show typed up and looked at, maybe there’s a possibility we can highlight portions of some of these letters to help everybody get the idea of what’s going on.  But we’ll make sure that’s thoroughly reviewed and we’re not revealing anything that we shouldn’t reveal with this.

JERRI:  Correct.

TODD:  So what all have you been able to do to get this going?  I know right now you’re getting promises, but    what do you do with something like this?  How do you begin?

JERRI:  Well, I have hired a forensic document examiner.  I had to pay $800 to a man to examine the signature on my father’s will.

TODD:  uh huh

JERRI:  Some family members, cousins of Jane’s, sent me some cards with her signature on those and I have cards, of course, from my father with his signature and his writing samples.  The forensic document examiner sent me a letter back telling me that the handwriting on my father’s will is not my father’s, and it does belong to Jane Parks.  When asking the detective in Little Rock about that, he told me…when I told him what I had, he told me that it was only circumstantial evidence.

TODD:  I have a feeling that it might be a little more than that.  There’s another case that I know of that…and I might be able to help you with this.  I’ve got a great lady that might be able to help you out with this and think that we can review that again, at least one more time, and I think we’ve got someone that’s a little more aggressive at pursuing these types of documentation.  It’s more than just an opinion.

JERRI:  Right.

TODD:  It’s a little more than that.

JERRI:  It was heartbreaking to find someone to do that and pay him all that money, and then the police tell me that it’s nothing more than circumstantial evidence.

TODD:  Well I think we can help you out with that.  So that’s something we can look back at, so we’ll work on that some.  And anybody else, did anybody else give you anything?  I mean it looks like there was an opportunity for high-profile help at that point in time.    
JERRI:  Right.  Well, I’m not quite sure what you mean.

TODD:   Well, there was a lot of ways that somebody in influence could have asked the police to take special care with it, you know.

JERRI:  I’m not aware of anything like that.

TODD:  Hmmm.

JERRI:   I don’t think so.

TODD:  If it was happening in my campaign headquarters, I think I would want something done.

JERRI:  Right.

TODD:  You know?     

JERRI:  I understand that.

TODD:  I believe I would…

JERRI:  I wrote to David Pryor, who is US Senator for Arkansas; he’s a Congressman.

TODD:  uh huh

JERRI:  Anyway, I wrote to him, and I asked him to ask the FBI for their help in this, and I got a letter back, I think I put it on my site, but I don’t know if I sent you a copy of that or not.

TODD:  We can put it here so that people can see it at this point in the interview.  I think you’ve seen how the pages are laid out so it’s really easy for people to follow along and look at the documents and photographs that we’re talking about.

JERRI:  Right.

TODD:   And that’s not going to happen, right?  The FBI’s involvement is not going to happen?

JERRI:  Well, they tell me that it was not their case, but the FBI is involved on this other murder of Dr. Millstein, so I don’t know if they’re telling me that because it’s an open investigation or if they just don’t care, I don’t know.

TODD:  Okay, and we’ll link up media with both cases, the most recent media that we can find and add links to that so people can read about it, but is there any hope with that one possibly being resolved, if they’re involved in that one?

JERRI:  Well, like I said, the lieutenant that I’ve spoken to for the last year a half, has promised me an arrest, you know, that he knows who did it and he’s going to prove it and he basically told me that he wanted to get that S.O…, you know?

TODD:  uh huh

JERRI:  That’s what he said so, you know, I believe him and then the longer that it takes, I don’t understand, you know, why they haven’t arrested them.  He told me that he didn’t like to go and speak to Jane because he thought she was crazy, you know.

TODD:  uh huh

JERRI:   And that’s the same thing they said about, you know, what the detective told me on my father’s murder.  He didn’t like seeing her because was crazy and that she would tell you 15 different stories, you know, she just never tells the same thing twice, and I don’t see why that…that should be a sign, shouldn’t it?

TODD:  Well, that’s a little suspicious in itself I would think.

JERRI:  Right.

TODD:  Hmmm?  Okay, so now where do you see yourself going with this case?  I mean, we could talk about this all night long, but what do you plan on doing next?  I mean I know you’ve tried things.  You’ve got a website that has some information on it.  I’m not sure, what kind of reaction have you’ve gotten from the public on that website?

JERRI:  Well, no one has been rude to me, on my side so they have not so, you know, most people send me emails wishing me luck, you know, and their prayers and their thoughts, but I haven’t gotten any tips or anything like that.  No one is talking but, you know, I don’t know who she’s hired, but I do know that she was married within a month or so after my father’s murder, to a Harvey Bale, who is no longer in this country; he left the country.

TODD:  So were they divorced when he left the country?

JERRI:  Yeah, he had the marriage annulled.  He had their marriage annulled and he left the country.  And pretending to be my brother and talking to one of his friends online, Yahoo chat, I was told by this person that someone showed up at Harvey’s and Jane Parks’s home when they lived in Batesville, and his son overheard this conversation, demanding more money for the murder of Jerry Parks, which is my father.  And after that, Harvey told her that he wanted her gone, he had it annulled, and he left, and he is not in this country.

TODD:  Hmmm?

JERRI:  Last I heard he was in Japan.

TODD:  Wow.

JERRI:  Or Asia, or South Asia, Middle East Asia, somewhere in that area.

TODD:  Well, where do you see things are going?  What all have you tried?  Now, I know you’ve tried, you know, dealing with law enforcement.  Have you worked with different media outlets?

JERRI:  No, I have not.  No, I have not.

TODD:  Okay.  Well, hopefully, we can try that.  I think you’ve run out of a lot of things to do, and I know that you don’t know what to do next.  Do you just keep calling law enforcement and asking them over and over, or what?

JERRI:  That’s exactly what I do.  I mean I call Mountain Home Police Station at least twice a month, and in the beginning, I called them maybe twice a week, you know, and I’ve called, like I said, I just recently the other day, spoke to, well I called Little Rock Police Department and found out that the homicide detective had transferred to narcotics so he no longer was working on the file.  I put in a call to the captain over the homicide detective, but I have not heard back from him, so I don’t know where else to go and I don’t know what else to do.  I just, you know, I want it solved.  It is…it’s heartwrenching.  It’s heartbreaking that the world thought my father, you know, ran drug money and thinks she made him out to be a horrible man, and he was not, he was a good man.

TODD:  Well, hopefully, we’re gong to be able to help you with a few things.  I’m going to work with you after we end the show and try to get some of these documents.  I’ve seen some of them before, and then we’ll talk about getting some of these documents to a person that I have that helps me out with things, Peggy Walla, and we’re going to see what she can tell us with this.  If she agrees with your former analysis on these documents, then I think she might do things a little differently than what you’ve seen in the past.

JERRI:   Okay.

TODD:  So, we’ll try that.

JERRI:  That would be wonderful.

TODD:  And we’ll see where it goes.

JERRI:  That would be wonderful.

TODD:  Well, have you got anything to say to anybody that might have had something to do with your father’s death?  I mean, they’re going to see this; they’re going to see it and they’re going to hear it.

JERRI:  Well, if they did have something to do with it, just come clean.  There are families that are hurting severely because of this.  When somebody that you love is murdered, people don’t just move on…it always hurts.  And they need to come clean and tell what they know.  You know, if something like this happened to them, they would want someone to come clean and tell the truth.

TODD:  Absolutely.

JERRI:  If anybody knows anything, which I don’t have the money to offer a reward.  We have a son in college, we have another that’s in 11th grade and graduating, we have a daughter and a little son so, I mean with 4 kids, I don’t have the money to offer a reward.

TODD:  It’s sad, but that’s the way that it ends up a lot of times, but we will definitely do what we can to help you out with this.  And I have a feeling this is something that’s going to be a 2-part type thing, so I think we got what we need this round.  We’ll publish your data and we can possibly take tips.  If anybody has anonymous tips in this case, they can contact, you know your contact will be there.  They can contact us at the show.  They can contact authorities if that’s a route that’s used, the information will be available and we’ll do our best to help resolve it.

JERRI:  They don’t even have to give their name.  I mean they don’t have to give their name.

TODD:  Well, the information is going to be available to be able to contact anybody involved in this case so that, possibly, we can work through it.  We’re going to look at handwriting reports and review the old ones.  I’m going to try to get that information from you and compare it with what we get with the new information that we get, and then we’ll pick up and do a Part 2 to this, and see where we can go from there.  And I think it will be a little different, at least it will be one more log on the same fire, but we’ll try that and see how that goes.

JERRI:  Yeah.  Okay.

TODD:   Well you made this one easy as pie.

JERRI:   Are we through?

TODD:  Yeah.  We’re going to wrap it up here.  I’m going to say goodnight to everybody and Jerri and I are going to talk a little while longer after we go, and we’ll be back again next week.  Thanks everybody.

If you have any information pertaining to this case, please contact us:


-------------------- NEWS & UPDATES --------------------

Here is an old newspaper article dated March 27, 1994.
It tells of a police report made by Jerry Parks in 1991.

Late one night in September, Jerry L. Parks, who owned a security guard company that had secured the Gazette Building while it was Clinton's campaign headquarters, was shot dead in west Little Rock.

His demise had been a hot topic on late-night call in radio shows and in London tabloids.  He has been described as a "member of Clinton's security detail" though his company merely secured the entrances to the Gazette Building and Parks had no personal access to Clinton.

Park's son has been quoted as saying his late father had kept a file on Clinton's sexual indiscretions and that his father's home in rural Pulaski County was burglarized shortly before his murder.  A check of records at the Pulaski County sheriff's department shows no police report on a burglary.  It does show a repot on a burglary.  It does show a report in November 1991 in which Parks reported that a teen-aged-sounding male voice threatened over the telephone to kill his son, who at the time was out of state at Teen Challenge.


Wreaths buoy police in ’06 case

Posted on Sunday, December 23, 2007

MOUNTAIN HOME — For the second Christmas in a row, an evergreen wreath hangs on the door of the criminal investigation division of the Mountain Home Police Department, a gift from the family of a murder victim.

The wreaths are sent by relatives of Dr. David Millstein, who was stabbed to death 18 months ago. Millstein's body was found June 18, 2006, at his home in a residential neighborhood near Twin Lakes Golf Course in Mountain Home.

No one has been arrested, but authorities insist an arrest will be made.

The Christmas wreaths "mean a lot to us, because we have that connection to the family," Police Chief Carry Manuel said. "When we talk to them, we understand their support for our efforts to solve the murder of Dr. Millstein." Millstein, 62, was a urologist in private practice at Mountain Home Urology Clinic and a member of the medical staff at Baxter Regional Medical Center. He was married, but his wife, Lois Parks, lived in Little Rock at the time of his death, authorities said.

However, they have said the crime was not random and the community at large was not in danger.
"It's a complicated case, and it requires a lot of work," said Lt. Nevin Barnes, a Mountain Home detective. "The support of the family is extremely important to our division." Most of Millstein's relatives live out of state, Barnes said. He speaks about twice a month with Millstein's two sons from a previous marriage, Aaron and Richard. One son attends college in Arkansas, he said, while the other is a college student in Missouri.

Barnes is also in frequent contact with their aunt, Kathy Millstein of Boston, Mass., who is married to Dr. Millstein's brother, Philip. Millstein sends the wreaths each year on behalf of the family. She declined to talk to a reporter for this story.

"Even though I'm a detective, there's a human side to me, too, that feels compelled to talk to these boys and their aunt whenever they have questions," Barnes said. "It's difficult sometimes because I can't tell them some of the answers to their questions. But I do the best I can, and they fully understand." "I've never had to go through something as traumatic as these two young men have gone through. I'm just amazed at their resilience, and honestly, we get our energy and our determination from their family." Millstein's wife, Lois Parks, is also the widow of a Little Rock businessman who was shot to death a dozen years before the doctor's slaying. Luther Gerald "Jerry" Parks Jr. was killed Sept. 26, 1993, as he drove his car on Arkansas 10 near Chenal Parkway. His death remains unsolved.

Officer Cassandra Davis, a spokesman for the Little Rock Police Department, said the Parks homicide remains an open case.

"They haven't made very much progress on it recently," Davis said. She declined further comment.
Barnes wouldn't say if the two slayings are connected, but added, "I think once an arrest is made in either case, especially in our case, I think information will open and start rolling in" on both homicides.

News Source:


The Clinton hit list

Crime news out of Baxter County yesterday is worth repeating because of a relationship to the Clinton Chronicles, Clinton death lists and other fanciful right-wing efforts back in the day to bring down President Bill Clinton with any lie at hand, no matter how bodacious.

Among the most outlandish products was the Clinton death list -- a compilation of deaths  of people who supposedly knew too much about the dastardly man from Hope. Here's a typical Clinton Death List. Here's Snopes' debunking of the death lists. One of those on the cited death list is notable, however. This death was a favorite of conspiracists because it was an unsolved killing. Says the list:

JERRY PARKS - Head of Clinton's gubernatorial security team in Little Rock. Gunned down in his car at a deserted intersection outside Little Rock. Parks' son [emphasis supplied] said his father was building a dossier on Clinton. He allegedly threatened to reveal this information. After he died the files were mysteriously removed from his house

Now the news. The aforementioned son of Jerry Parks, Gary Wayne Parks (pictured in mug shot yesterday), was arrested Monday in his Germantown, Tenn., home and charged in the 2006 murder of his stepfather, Dr. David Millstein of Mountain Home. Gary Parks' mother, Lois, married Millstein sometime after the death of Jerry Parks in 1993. The Baxter Bulletin article notes that Gary Parks has a lengthy criminal record, including drug and theft busts in Pulaski County. No one has been arrested in Jerry Parks' death and nobody has linked Gary Parks to that death. But ....

I do think it's probably safe to take Bill Clinton off the persons-of-interest list in the 1993 case.



Parks pleads not guilty in death of stepfather

The stepson of a Mountain Home doctor who was stabbed to death in 2006 has pleaded not guilty today after he was arrested for capital murder in connection with the death.

Gary Parks is charged with the murder of Dr. David Millstein.

It's a family that's seen many tragedies over the years.
Millstein is Park's second father figure to be killed.
Today's THV aired a Cold Case on the murder of Jerry Parks.
He's Gary Parks' biological father. His killer has never been found.

However, some are hopeful Gary Park's arrest for his stepfather's murder will uncover answers about his father's death.

While getting ready for Christmas on Tuesday, Denise Hickman learned her half-brother is facing capital murder charges. Her reaction wasn't what one might expect.

"It's turned out to be an awesome Christmas," says Hickman. "I don't understand how someone could do something like that, I really don't."

About 16 years ago, Gary's and Hickman's father Jerry Parks,was also murdered.

"He was awesome. I admired him. He was proud of me and I was proud of him," says Hickman.

Records show in 1993, the former police officer was driving home in Little Rock, but only got as far as Chenal Parkway. A car pulled up next to him and opened fire, first through his back window, then to the side. Police say he was peppered with at least ten shots. Hickman got word from Gary's mother. Lois Jane Parks.

"She said to me, 'He is dead,' and I dropped the phone and dropped to my knees," says Hickman.

Jerry Parks was the owner of a security company that supplied the guards for the 1992 Clinton-Gore campaign headquarters in Little Rock.

Some people have speculated that his murder was politically motivated, but police say they've found no evidence of that.

Lt. Terry Hastings says detectives at the Little Rock Police Department have hit a brick wall. "It was in a very secluded part of the city; no witnesses," says Hastings. "We have investigated everything we have. We need new information."

Investigators from Mountain Home have been in touch with investigators in Little Rock looking for the possibility of a connection between the murders.

"It is unusual when you have a family member that's been arrested for murder and there's an unsolved murder that does relate back to that family that's always something that's suspicious," Hastings says.

For Hickman, her half-brother's arrest means more attention paid to her father's case, which she says is the best Christmas present she could have.

Parks is being held without bond and is expected back in court early next year.


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Guest: Jerri Denise Parks Hickman
Daughter of murdered "Luther Gerald (Jerry) Parks, Jr."
Aired: December 06, 2007
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