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(Introduction to show begins)

TODD MATTHEWS (Missing Pieces Host): I’m Todd Matthews.  This is Missing Pieces.  Tonight our guest is Nancy Freneire.  Did I pronounce that right, Nancy?

NANCY FRENEIRE (Guest):  Yes, you did.

TODD:  Okay, that sounds good.  You are the sister of missing Carlos Diaz.  Carlos was last seen leaving his family home on December 23rd, 1986.  And can you pick up from there?  And, hopefully, everybody that’s actually listening to this broadcast has actually read the website; it gives a little outline of the case, and you have a couple a websites that you can go to so that people can read about your case.  But, the family dog had died and Carlos offered to take the dog and bury it.  What happened?

NANCY:  Well, we were like at a family reunion at my sister’s in the Bronx…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …and the family dog had died, and my brother, being that it was his pet mostly, went to go bury the dog.

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  (Coughs) Excuse me.  And when he had left to bury her, my other brother noticed that he was out for quite a while…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …and when he went out to go to see where he went with the dog, he’d seen that the dog was still laid out under the bridge and my brother was nowhere to be found.

TODD:  So this is your Nelson who went to check on Carlos…

NANCY:  Yes.

TODD:  …and he found that he didn’t do what he had planned to do.

NANCY:  Right.

TODD:  Okay, now how did he end up…now, Carlos did not have any of his identification with him.

NANCY:  No.  After that was when we realized he had no identification on him whatsoever.

TODD:  Was that normal for him to…because he was at home, right?


TODD:  I mean, he was…

NANCY:  No.  Well, normally, every time he left the house, he always had his identification…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …but because of the situation with the dog, and I guess his emotions and stuff, he just left to go and, you know, do what he had to do with the dog and didn’t realize that he didn’t have any identification on him.

TODD:  Ahh.  Okay.  So how long was it…how long was he gone before you actually realized that there’s something really bad wrong?

NANCY:  This was about maybe a half-hour to 45 minutes, because where he was going to go…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …my other brother knew the distance and, you know, more or less what time…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …so it was about 30 to 45 minutes when he went out to look for him.

TODD:  Uh huh.  But at this time he could have just gotten sidetracked, maybe?  You wouldn’t have thought that something this dramatic had happened?

NANCY:  No, no, no.  Right.  Not until after hours went by and we heard nothing, and that’s when…the following day, my sister and my Mom went to the police department because he’s not one to stay away from the family, especially his daughter.

TODD:  Uh huh.  So did you have any problem actually trying to file a police report?

NANCY:  Oh yeah.  Yeah.  They told my sister and my Mom that seeing that he was 32 as the age, that there was an age guideline…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …which is from the age of birth to 16, and 50-60, you can file a missing person report, but that in between that time, they’re considered as, you know, that they can just…they went somewhere, they escaped, they did something.

TODD:  You’re an adult and you can do what you want to do, right?

NANCY:  Yeah.  Basically, for them, he probably took off.

TODD:  Now that has to be really frustrating when you know that this is not a person that would actually take off and then you’re hearing this and you know there’s going to be a delay in actually looking for him.  You did the right thing; you went to the police.

NANCY:  Right.

TODD:  So…

NANCY:  And the thing too, we gave them a picture…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …and they stayed with the picture…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …but they didn’t file the report.

TODD:  Now, how long did this go on?  What did you do?  Did you guys keep looking for him?

NANCY:  Yeah, well we did what we could.  We kept scouring the area and we kept hounding the police department about it and, you know, to them…I don’t know what their problem was.  You know they still considered him as though he just took off, so I did what I could as far as without a police report…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …which wasn’t much, up until recently.  You know there’s not much that I could have done unless I had a police report, and every time my sister called or went, they gave her the same thing.  I even called One Police Plaza and they told me the same thing.

TODD:  Now, this is a long time ago, though.  Have you noticed more help available in recent years than in the past?

NANCY:  Well, I’ve noticed a lot of help when I started a website on him last year…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …the beginning of last year.  I got a lot of help from a lot of people online, you know, and he’s been posted on the Doe Network…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  … and New York Missing.  I also have him listed at the Salvation Army Territorial Headquarters.  There have been a lot of places I’ve managed to get him on there without a police report.

TODD:  So, at what time did they actually finally allow you to file a police report?

NANCY:  Well, we haven’t gotten a police report.

TODD:  So there’s still really no police report for him?  And he’s been gone for over 20 years.

NANCY:  It’s going to be 21 years on Saturday.

TODD:  What would be the reason now that they wouldn’t?

NANCY:  Pardon?

TODD:  Why would they now not give you a police report?

NANCY:  Well now they’re saying, from what they told my sister, now they’re saying that they really can’t do it because there’s no…they can’t do an investigation of something that occurred years ago.

TODD:  But in general, you usually need a police report to get an NCIC report, and you need a police report, usually, to get the DNA processed.  I mean I know you’ve run into that wall.

NANCY:  Yes.  As far as the DNA, I got that done…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …without a police report.  I got that done.

TODD:  But that was a little difficult.

NANCY:  Pardon?

TODD:  That took a little doing though, didn’t it?  That was not an easy thing to do because the first thing they’re going to ask you for is the police report.

NANCY:  Right.  Right.

TODD:  So tell us about the gathering of the DNA.  How did that go through?  Was that a pretty easy process?

NANCY:  How I got to get it done?

TODD:  Yes.

NANCY:  Like I said, because of all the people that I know and the contacts that I know on the website…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …that one of the ladies, Kelly Jolkowski…?

TODD:  Jolkowski, yes, I know her very well.

NANCY:  Yes, her.  Because of her and her contacts, is how I got to get my DNA done, as well as my sister’s done, in New York.

TODD:  So now, could recommend that somebody with a missing family member actually do a website?  Do you think that’s what has made the turn for you?

NANCY:  Yes.  I really do think that that’s a help, because there is help out there, and once you have a missing person’s website, that’s when you get all these people wanting to be in the friends’ list, and you start adding them on and then they read the description of everything and everybody, eventually, little by little, will share their thoughts and…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …how they can go about how to get certain things done, because that’s how I started off.

TODD:  You were on MySpace, right?  You were working in MySpace?

NANCY:  Yeah.  As a matter of fact, I have a MySpace and I also just opened up another one, Youe.com.

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  Plus, I’ve sent out Powerpoint shows via emails to hospitals and clinics, and I’ve also sent out numerous flyers all over the place.

TODD:  So now you’re whole world has changed.  It’s a totally different ballgame for you now.

NANCY:  Yeah.  Yeah.

TODD:  I think that’s where we hooked up with you was through your MySpace, actually.

NANCY:  Yeah.  Yeah, as a matter of fact, I got…let me see…who was…?

TODD:  I think we have a mutual friend that had actually contacted you or had hooked up with you on the friends’ list.

NANCY:  No, I had been into one of the websites on my brother’s website…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …for missing persons because they had added a comment, so I went in to add a comment on theirs, and I was reading on the progress, and that’s how I found out about Missing Pieces; it was on hers.

TODD:  Ahh.  Okay.

NANCY:  And then that’s how I found out.  That’s why it is good to have a website up because you never know what’s out there to help you.

TODD:  Well it’s easier to help somebody like you with actually getting on a show like this, if you have a website and we can read it and we know your story, it’s not like a cold phone call.  You know, you have your story posted out there and people can see it and they know it’s the real thing, but you know, how hard would it be to do what you’re doing on the Internet, by the telephone?

NANCY:  I’m sorry, do what?

TODD:  How hard would it be to actually do what you’re doing online, you’re telling your story on the Internet, how hard would that be if you were trying to do that by making telephone calls?

NANCY:  It would be very hard because they can’t really…by telling people on the phone, it’s not like you’re actually seeing everything on the website because you have the pictures of the person, you have a lot of information on the person, whereas on the phone, all you have is just a voice.

TODD:  Now, do you have an NCIC number for him?  Were you able to process that?

NANCY:  No.  No.  That’s still the police report, isn’t it?

TODD:  Usually.  Sometimes you have one or the other, it seems like.  You have a police report with no NCIC and, hopefully, now that you’ve actually got your DNA gathered, that might actually help you move forward with an NCIC number, possibly.

NANCY:  Because I know on the copy that they gave me at the police department here in San Antonio, after they took the DNA…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …there was a part on the form with… but it was a double N.C.I.C., and there was a number but I don’t know if that’s the number that you’re referring to.

TODD:  Okay, and we’ll try to go through that.  That’s where your case has actually been referenced to the FBI NCIC, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that the FBI is actually investigating your case, it means they’re keeping up with it statistically and comparing it with other data that comes in from an unidentified person, an unidentified deceased person, you know, that’s what that’s in comparison to.  But we will look at that and try to figure out where you’re at with that, and help you take advantage of some other opportunities that are out there that are created for you.  And I mention on every show, there’s a new national missing and unidentified persons database called NamUs.gov.  I’m actually on the panel for NamUs and we’re trying to develop the missing persons side of the database so that’s something that you can look forward to in the future, to actually get him there, and that’s just another outlet.

NANCY:  Okay.  And there’s another thing that I learned yesterday…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …with a state trooper that I also have contact with in New York City, there’s also a hospital called Coler-Goldwater Campus that’s on Roosevelt Island…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …and that’s a place where they usually send people that don’t have identification on them.  (http://www.nyc.gov/html/hhc/html/facilities/colergoldwater.shtml)

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  And see, because we’re thinking that he might have lost his memory…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …you know from what I explained to them, and that’s the hospital where they send these types of people that if they lost their memory and they don’t have identification, they get treatment there.  So I spoke to them yesterday and they asked me to fax his information to them and they’ll be getting back to me.

TODD:  Oh, that would be great.  That would be great to as least know for sure if something has happened.  Did he have any medical conditions or something that might have made a possibility for him to have lost his memory, or there’s always the opportunity for an accident?

NANCY:  I think it might have been 2 or 3 years prior to his disappearing, he was hit in the head, he had a head injury…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …and we nearly lost him but, thank God, he was back…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …and he came out okay but they did say to him that if he didn’t take care of himself and treated himself, he would have lost his memory.  So that’s what I’m holding on to, you know, but we never know.

TODD:  So you guys have actually considered the possibility that he could be deceased?  I know everybody has to think of that, you know.

NANCY:  Yes.

TODD:  But you’ve got to know, either way, you’d like to know.

NANCY:  Yes.

TODD:  Either way.

NANCY:  Because it’s been a long time.

TODD:  Because you’ve got a unique case.  It’s kind of funny that the case before, you couldn’t get a police report, and now it’s been too long to get a police report, and that kind of puts you in a funny spot that you really don’t know where to turn to.

NANCY:  Right.  Right.

TODD:  Okay.

NANCY:  But I’m hoping that the DNA would solve something or I’ll just keep going.

TODD:  Okay.  He had the initials C.D. on his left hand, right?

NANCY:  Excuse me?

TODD:  He had a tattoo on his left hand.

NANCY:  Yes.

TODD:  His initials, C.D.

NANCY:  His initials, yes.

TODD:  Okay.  Is there a possibility, do you think, that he might have…was there anything going on in his life that he might have said, “Okay, I’m going to take this opportunity and just go”?

NANCY:  No.  No.  No.  That’s one thing we’ve…I’ve been asked a lot times, but we were a close family, and then with his daughter…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …he would have never picked up and left.  Never.

TODD:  No way, huh?  How’s his daughter today?

NANCY:  How old is she?

TODD:  Yes.

NANCY:  She’s 30 years old and has 2 kids, 2 boys.

TODD:  Is she involved in the search for Carlos?

NANCY:  Yes, she’s been helping me out with the flyers because she’s really busy with a non-profit organization so she helps me out with the flyers that I can’t seem to send out because there are so many of them.

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  So I email them to her and we speak occasionally on that.  She’s on his website as well.

TODD:  And we’ll try to get pictures of everybody.  Now, after we tape this show, of course it goes out and it will be permanently out there in audio form, but we also have a volunteer that will transcribe this, so you’ll have a lot of text out there too that you can take and use in any way that you want to.

NANCY:  Okay.

TODD:  So that’s there, and it helps to tell your story, and that makes it a lot easier when you’re trying to describe what happened to you, you can actually share this episode with somebody and they can read it and understand it, because usually it’s so complicated, it’s really hard to figure out why this happened or why that happened.  People can just read it and figure it out for themselves.

NANCY:  Uh huh.  Yeah.  Yeah, I mean, I’ve got to say that I came far enough from where I started…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …and I’ve gotten a lot of answers, not the answers that I want, but there’s been a lot of help out there for me since…in the beginning, I had none.

TODD:  Do you feel a sense of progress?  I know that you’ve not got him yet, you’ve not found him and you don’t know what happened to him, but do you feel like you’re making real progress?

NANCY:  Yeah.  Yeah.  Yeah, because I always said, “I’m going to get that police report.  I’m going to get the DNA submitted.”

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  And I won’t rest until I get it done, and I got one thing done.

TODD:  And that’s good, to do everything like you feel that you can do in your power, short of going out and going door to door looking for somebody.

NANCY:  Uh huh.

TODD:  If he were out there somewhere, and he could hear you tonight, what would you say to him?  What message would you have for him if you could talk to him?

NANCY:  If I could talk to him…?

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  Oh my God, I’m getting chills here.

TODD:  It’s okay.  Just talk to him and tell him what you’d want him to know.  Tell him how you feel.

NANCY:  Carlos, if you’re out there and you get a chance to hear this, somehow, some way, give us some sign of where you are because we love you and we miss you and it’s been a long time.  You have 2 grandsons, that one is carrying your name, and wants to see you.  And we love you.  Oh God, that’s hard.

TODD:  I know that.  It’s hard.

NANCY:  Yeah, yeah.  I’m supposed to be the strong one in the family, like they say.

TODD:  It’s hard, and you’re never going to give up, right?

NANCY:  No.  Unh-uh.  No.  No, I won’t.  I accomplish one thing and, like I tell my friends, and they tell me I’m crazy, unless I see a body or some proof in writing that he’s gone…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …then I can put closure to it, but until then, I’m not stopping.

TODD:  Now, your life, your life has been so different since he’s been gone.

NANCY:  Yeah.

TODD:  I talk to a lot of people about this, you know, a lot of people.  How has this affected your life?

NANCY:  Well, it’s not only mine, but it affected the family a lot because my Dad had passed in 1999…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …with the will and the hope that he would see his son again and, you know, ever since then it’s like with us not knowing where my brother is at, and my father just holding on, trying to see his son again, and then he passed…it’s like the family has…we’re not as connected as we were.  It’s like my father and my brother were the ones that were holding the family together…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …and I find we’re getting them back together because of the search, they’re all coming around, but it’s affected us all, but mostly me, because I have to go through all these websites and view these pictures and, like they say, I’m the strong one, yeah, for now.

TODD:  Okay, I’ve go a lot of ‘what ifs’ to ask you, okay?  What if you’re looking through a website and you find an unidentified person that you think is him, an unidentified deceased person…now, how do you deal with that?

NANCY:  I would have to collect myself until I see for myself first.

TODD:  So have you…I know that you know that there’s a possibility, but have you prepared yourself for the real possibility, as you look through these websites, that you might find something?  I know people that have found their own missing loved ones on these websites.

NANCY:  I can sit here and say that, yeah, I’ve prepared myself for it…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …but when the time comes, it’ll be totally different.

TODD:  Yeah.  I mean, mentally you’re prepared for it because the possibility is out there, but then emotionally…

NANCY:  Right.

TODD:  …ha, that’s a different ballgame.

NANCY:  Right.  It’s just like when they told us to prepare ourselves for our father passing.

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  We were all prepared, but when the time came, it just turned around, you know, you never know what to do.

TODD:  Because you can make all the arrangements, you can convince yourself mentally that it’s going to happen but you know nothing can stop the breaking of the heart.  There’s just nothing, there’s no way.  There’s no way that can be done.

NANCY:  Right.

TODD:  Now, what if you find him in a mental institution?  How do you deal with that?

NANCY:  How do I…?

TODD:  What if he’s in a coma?

NANCY:  I will bring him into my wings. (Laughs)

TODD:  (Laughs also)

NANCY:  You know, that’s my brother…

TODD:  Yeah.

NANCY:  …that’s the one I’ve been searching for all these years.

TODD:  And you’re able to laugh, and I can hear you smile when we talk about that, so even if he’s alive, in any condition, that would be something that was just a dream come true for you.

NANCY:  Exactly.  He will be under my wings.

TODD:  Okay, now the other scenario.  What if he’s out there, something happened, and he did decide to go, and you found out that that was what happened, he decided…a lot of things, maybe even his head injury, a lot of things might have happened, but he knows who he is and he just decided he didn’t want to be there anymore?  How do you deal with that?

NANCY:  I would have to…once I find out that that is an issue like that, I would want to still see him…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …and get answers from him, and just accept it.

TODD:  So you could accept it if you knew that’s what he wanted?

NANCY:  Exactly.  Although…

TODD:  And we do this show for that.

NANCY:  …he went about it the wrong way.

TODD:  Yeah, well, there’s no right way to do that, you know.

NANCY:  Yeah.

TODD:  But at least this show gives an opportunity, if any of these scenarios is the case, and he was able to hear it, at least he knows what your intentions are, okay.

NANCY:  Uh huh.

TODD:  And then you will find a way to accept it if that is the real possibility?

NANCY:  Exactly.

TODD:  Okay.  But he just needs to let you know that he’s okay, if that is the possibility.

NANCY:  Right.  Not only me, but especially my Mom, because she was the one that pushed me more into making a website…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …but she thinks I had stopped the search…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …because I hadn’t spoken to her too much about it, because I don’t need for her to break down every time I bring his name up.

TODD:  The good thing about a website is, it actually keeps the search going on the days that you don’t feel like you can, because it’s out there every day.

NANCY:  Right.  Yeah, I put in on a search engine as well, so if anybody pops up and puts ‘Carlos Diaz’…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …on the search engine, it’ll bring up all sorts of websites on there because I have him on search engine also.

TODD:  Even himself.  Even if he, himself, actually logs on there, he can actually come here and read and hear what you’re saying tonight.

NANCY:  Exactly.  Yeah.

TODD:  So we’re happy to get to do that for you.  And we want to stay in touch with you.  Now, almost everybody that’s been part of this show, it’s not really a commercial show, this is more like a public service announcement, trying to give you the opportunity to talk because most of the time the media won’t give you an opportunity to say what’s in your heart and on your mind.  So now that you’ve had an opportunity to do that, you’ll meet other people that have been former guests and you’re part of the family now, and we’ll stay in touch with you.  We’ll keep your website updated, as far as our version of your website, and share new ideas with you when we have something that’s worked for somebody else, we might say, “Nancy, this is kind of working for somebody else, it might be something that you want to try too.”

NANCY:  Right.

TODD:  So we will definitely keep you in mind for that.

NANCY:  Okay.

TODD:  So how…now this Christmas, 21 years on the 23rd of this month…

NANCY:  Yeah, it’s going to be on the 23rd, Saturday.

TODD:  Now what do you do?  Do you do anything special when it’s the actual anniversary date?  Because, obviously, this has changed your Christmas forever, for you.

NANCY:  The only thing I changed about it is…well, a lot has changed.

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  Not too many of us live close to one another anymore, so we don’t have that reunion anymore…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …but we all light a candle.

TODD:  Okay.

NANCY:  We all light a candle that day, the 23rd, and on Christmas day.

TODD:  And that’s for Carlos.

NANCY:  And that’s for Carlos.  And we also do one for my Dad.

TODD:  Uh huh.  So in some ways, he’s still there with you, Carlos and your Dad are still there with you in your hearts.

NANCY:  Exactly.  Yup.

TODD:  You’ve just got to remember, never forget and never give up.

NANCY:  No.  Oh no.  I mean, I’ve quoted that on my website.  I’ll never give up.

TODD:  (Laughing)  I’ve been cheating.  I’ve been reading some of your information here trying to get you to talk about it while we’re doing the taping.

NANCY:  Oh…oh.  (Laughter)

TODD:  I’m reading ahead.  I’m trying to take advantage of the information that you put out there, and I hear you smile, and I hear you smile when we’re talking and I know that it must feel good to finally get the opportunity to talk about it.

NANCY:  Yeah, other than family, because I can’t really talk to everyone in my family about it.

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  The only one, honestly, that I actually sat and spoke to about this is my husband, and now you.

TODD:  Wow.  What about the rest of your family?  Are they going to hear this?  Are they going to get to hear this?

NANCY:  Yeah.  Yeah.

TODD:  Okay, now what do you think would happen with your family?  Now, it’s hard to sit down and talk to your family face to face sometimes.  What do you think you need from the rest of your family to continue this search?  What would you like to see different?  Do you want more help from them?  Support?  Do you want to talk about it, or do you not want to talk about it?  What would you change with the way the family is dealing with this and how can you guys improve it?

NANCY:  Well, all I really ask of them is to…mostly to support...    

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …and an ear, you know.  Because it’s hard, like I said, it’s hard for me because I’m the only one actually doing this…

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  …and now my other sister is really involved in it so I have another one that I can speak to, but our family is pretty big and they need to hear what I feel, what I go through and what I see on the computer, you know.

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  And, yeah, they have their busy lives, I understand that; and they have their families, I understand that, but I also have the same thing and I make time.

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  Time is of the essence, you know what I mean?  You make time.

TODD:  This is not something that you can run away from.  You know, you can try not to think about it and put it off your mind, and it’s not like getting over somebody that’s had a death, I mean, you’ve come to terms with your father’s death.  It’s not easy, and you’ll always miss him…

NANCY:  Right.

TODD:  …but there was a closure point there.

NANCY:  Right. 

TODD:  But with your brother…

NANCY:  There wasn’t.

TODD:  …it’s just totally different.

NANCY:  Uh huh.

TODD:  I mean you just can’t pretend that he is deceased as well and move on with life.  It’s very difficult to do that, and I know different people have different ways of dealing with that, but the best way is to try to work together, concentrate your efforts, and get as much done as you can get done.  And if he is out there deceased, an unidentified deceased somewhere, you can bring him home…

NANCY:  Yes.

TODD:  …and then begin the process of closure.

NANCY:  I think…a lot of them, it has to do with not being able to face the fact that he may be gone, some of them.

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  That they don’t want to hear it, you know, but if that’s the case, they’re going to…once I get to the bottom of everything, because I will get to the bottom of everything, they’ll have to hear it.

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  You know, it’s something that I’ve done and it’s something that they will hear the results of.

TODD:  Well, I know it’s hard to deal with it, but you have to think, who are you doing this for?  You know when you’re trying to…

NANCY:  I’m doing…well, mostly I’m doing this for my mother and myself.

TODD:  And Carlos.

NANCY:  Oh, yeah, and him too!  How can I forget?  He’s the number one.

TODD:  Yeah.  Yeah.  I mean that’s what you’re doing.  So is it easier just to forget him, or try to do something to help him?  As painful as it might be…

NANCY:  Uh huh.

TODD:  …you know, would he go on and forget you guys?

NANCY:  Right.

TODD:  Do you think he would…if the shoe was on the other foot, how do you think he would deal with this?  Would he look for you guys?

NANCY:  Yes.  Yeah, that’s the type of person he was, or is.  That’s…yeah, he would.

TODD:  You’re keeping things really positive.  That’s encouraging to see too.

NANCY:  Uh huh.  He’s…wow, anybody could count on him for anything.  He was always involved in the family.  He was always involved.  There was not one day that we didn’t know where he was.

TODD:  Well, do you have anything else to say to your family?  A ‘Merry Christmas’ or a message for anybody in your family?

NANCY:  Basically, you know, once you guys hear this, I need a little support here.  I’m not asking for too much, just a little support and an ear where I can, you know, blow into whenever I need to vent sometimes.

TODD:  Because you will.

NANCY:  Yeah, that’s basically what I need because now I feel better because I’m venting, you know, I’m sharing this with you.

TODD:  Uh huh.

NANCY:  I shared it with my husband, and there are not too many people that I spoke to about it because of that.

TODD:  Well you have now…

NANCY:  Yeah.  Yeah.

TODD:  …because we’re going to share it with a lot of people and hopefully that will give you strength, and I hope everybody will give you a prayer and give you a thought at Christmas, and you’ll be here with us for as long as we have to be here to do this show.  You’ll always be a part of our website, and part of why we do this.

NANCY:  Great.  Yeah, sounds real good.

TODD:  So, you will stay in touch with us?

NANCY:  Oh, I sure will.

TODD:  Okay.

NANCY:  I sure will.  Like I said, I’m not giving up.

TODD:  Well, I think I’ve wrung everything out of you now, so we’ll cut the show here and say goodnight and Merry Christmas to everybody, and we’ll be back again next week.

NANCY:  Okay.  Merry Christmas.

TODD:  Thanks.

NANCY:  Goodnight.

TODD:  Thanks, Nancy.  Bye bye.

Vital Statistics
Date Missing: December 23, 1986
Missing From: Bronx, NY
Birthdate:  November 10, 1954
Hair Color:  Brown
Eye Color:  Brown
Height:  5' 8"
Weight:  165-170 Lbs.
Tattoos: Initials "C.D" on left hand.
Medical Conditions: Head injury, which doctors stated may cause memory loss at any time.

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Guest: Nancy Freneire
Sister of missing "Carlos Diaz"
Aired: December 19, 2007
Nearly 21 Years Later,
Carlos' Disappearance Remains A Mystery
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