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Episode 15
December 12, 2006
Cast The Widest Net
Guest: David Van Norman

Episode 47
July 19, 2007
The One Year Anniversary of Melanie's Disappearance
Guest: Debie Metheny

Episode 55
September 04, 2007
A Mother Of Two, Lisa's Disappearance Baffles Family
Guest: Alonie Walton

Episode 70
November 27, 2007
Leaving No Stones Unturned
Guest: Judy Downes

Episode 75
January 01, 2008
2008 Holiday Special


1.  You can either transcribe the audios by listening to the episode directly from our website or Kimberly can email you the audio clip to work with.  Please note that these are fairly large files and some email servers may either reject the email or can not support the large file attachment.

2.  If there are portions of the audio that are unclear, inaudible or you are unsure of the correct spelling, Please be sure to fill in those areas with red X's and brief explanation.  So that we may pick up on these areas that need to be reviewed and analyzed, prior to posting.
Example: (XXXX, I couldn't figure out if the person said they lived in
                 Smitsville or Smithsville)

3.  Before beginning any episode transcription on our list (this list can be found at bottom of page), please be sure to check with Todd or Kimberly to see if we have a volunteer already on the project.  As we receive volunteers for specific episodes we try to update our list immediately to avoid duplications and multiple volunteers working on the same project.  But it's always best to double check prior to starting a project.

4.  At the beginning of the transcription, we use first name, last name and title  to introduce and identify who is on the air.  After the initial introduction, we go to first name only format to identify who is speaking through out the episode.

5.  Completed transcription can be sent in several different formats.
-Rich text format attachment
-Word file attachment
-It can be copied and pasted in to the text of an email.

Example of Format:

(Introduction to show begins)

ERIC MEADOWS (WCAN Co-host): Good evening one and all, we want to welcome you to tonight's show; Missing Pieces, which is hosted by Todd Matthews and co-hosted by myself Eric Meadow's. Todd has a special guest joining him in the studio tonight, we want to welcome both of you.

TODD MATTHEWS (Missing Pieces Host): Good evening everyone.  Our guest tonight is "Sue Smith" from Livingston Kentucky.  Hello Sue, how are you doing tonight?

SUE SMITH (Guest): I'm doing fine thanks.

TODD: Sue has a missing son "Tommy Smith".  Tommy has been missing since September 05, 2006.  Tommy was last seen playing in the park with a group of friends about a block from his home.  Sue, can you please describe Tommy to our listeners.

SUE: Oh, Tommy was a wonderful boy.  He loved to skateboard and ride bike with his friends.  He was 9 years old when he disappeared.  He was four feet tall with brown hair and green eyes. He has a scar on his left elbow from where he fell, when he got his first skateboard for Christmas. Everyone loved Tommy.  He did well in school and has lots of friends.

ERIC: Sue, what are the circumstances surrounding Tommy's disappearance, were there any witnesses?  Can you share with our listeners more about the day Tommy disappeared?essary)

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