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I want to thank everyone who has been a part of this show.

The guests...most of which have become new and close friends.
The listeners...who have made a difference.

The folks who help with transcribing...impossible without you.
Especially the volunteer who chooses to remain known only as "Anon."

And last but not least...Kimberly. I cannot even name all the things she does to make this all possible.
Without her this effort would not even be possible, simply no way I could even begin to do it without her.  

It certainly takes the whole team...each and every player.

2007 has been year of many ground breaking events.
I look forward to 2008, it has the potential of seeing even greater achievements.

Happy New Year to all -- never give up on your dreams...make them happen.


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Missing Pieces / Todd Matthews
Featured on "Today's Show"

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Sometimes the most comforting things we can receive after a tragedy is some closure. That's what Todd Matthews of Livingston, Tennessee, has been striving to accomplish for one woman whose mother's remains are still unidentified almost thirty years since she first went missing.

What began as a teenage obsession for Todd has developed into a lifelong pursuit so impressive that he often has the FBI turning to him.  His work is not only about putting together the missing pieces, but also about helping those who are left behind find their peace.

There are 6,400 unidentified bodies and 100,000 missing persons in the U.S.

In addition to finding individuals and identifying bodies, Todd has a larger goal. He's trying to create something that would both require the authorities to begin looking for missing persons more quickly and make it easier for them to do so.

Todd's wife and two children have, over time, come to accept the countless hours he puts into this endeavor. One of his kids even assists him occasionally with computer graphics for his websites.

In addition to this, Todd does have a day job. He works in a manufacturing plant that makes auto parts. Visit MissingPieces.info.


Todd Matthews
Host of Missing Pieces
Aired: January 01, 2008
2008 Holiday Special
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