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Kimberly's journey with the paranormal however creepy and spooky, is not unique.  She claims that hundreds of thousands of people have contacted over the last 15 years through her website claiming to have had paranormal experiences very similar to her own.  Most of the visitors to her website are just paranormal enthusiasts looking for a good scary story to read, while others reach out to her for assistance with their own ghostly encounters.

Her website features not only her own personal journal of events surrounding her family's experiences with ghosts, but also features videos, evps, photographs, ouija board and ghost stories contributed by visitors to her site. networks with organizations and experts all over the world, acting as liaison between the experts and the person seeking help.  "Most don't realize or know what resources are available to them when they need assistance with their paranormal experiences or they are just afraid that they may not make the right decision when choosing a reputable group in their area, so they look to me to do this for them." Kimberly says.

Although Kimberly's spends a great deal of her time helping others with paranormal issues and dealing with her own encounters, she also finds solace in volunteering her time to help with cases involving missing persons, unsolved murders and cases where victims have been classified as John and Jane Does.  Some of her work can be found at "Missing Pieces""Unsolved Grateful Dead Fan Cases" and "1977 Snohomish County Jane Doe"

In addition to her work with the ghost and crime cases, she is also a website designer with Custom Website Designs by Kimberly.  Examples of her work can be found at ColdCases Group, Project EDAN, The Lost and Found Global Resource Center, Stephen's Center, Hauntings Radio, Music Artist Mark Dakota's Soldier promotional page, Writer Ron Schmidt's website Ghost Around Us and she is currently working on two upcoming website projects for Writer Leslie Rule.

Kimberly and her family's experiences with ghost can also be found in these books:

Unsolved Grateful Dead Fan Cases
1977 Snohomish County Jane Doe Case
Custom Website Designs by Kimberly
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Aired: October 27, 2008
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