Would you like to be a part of "Missing Pieces"?

We are seeking assistance with the following positions listed below....

Position #1
Transcriptionist (Volunteer)
~Multiple Positions Open~

-Listen to previously recorded episodes and transcribe them in to text format for posting on "Missing Pieces" archives.

-Must be able to commit to submitting completed transcription within one week following the airing of episode.  We are very firm on this policy.  If you do not follow through with your committment to complete transcription with in 1 week, we no longer accept requests from you for further projects.

-No previous experience necessary, but typing skills are helpful.

Necessary Equipment:
-Audio software for listening to episode
-Microsoft word or other program used for typing

This is a volunteer position, therefore there will be no compensation for this position.  We will however, be more than happy to post a gracious thank you, along with crediting your name on the episode that was transcribed.  We are currently attempting to catch up on previously aired episodes, so expect this to be a long term committment.

If you are a college student, this may fit requirement for internship credit and this may also qualify for specific programs in your community as volunteer credit hours.  You must check with your specific local community organization and submit an approval from that agency approving your volunteer hours.

If you are interested in this position,
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To view our format and a complete listing of episodes
we need your assitance with transcribing.

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